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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

domenica 17 febbraio 2013

Antichrist in Italian politics and 'possession of the country. Democracy Disappearance of Remo Chicks

The Antichrist to Christians and Muslims is the enemy of the Messiah, is the adversary or opponent of Christ (it is also called "false Christ") and the advent of the Kingdom of God on Earth, an ally of Satan, powerful but destined to succumb.As we have shown above, according to St. John the antichrist is a person.






These prerequisites let's call them back in reality 'of politics have names and surnames that I leave you to imagine and manifest themselves according to these events.
The Italian Political quite a few of these last 20 years has delivered the worst of it here if I tried to make it as succinct as possible: liars, piduisti, subversive, tax evaders, corrupt, corrupt, pro-mafia.
"An Italy that has matured his nose against corruption Democrat and Socialist (for thirty years that go by the center to Tangentopoli) was indignant in mass .... (the" rogue isolated ") that during the arrest throwing money down the toilet, for .... - health minister convicted of conspiracy - and that .... and his wife hid the jewels in the puff of living, that is for human types seen not only as perpetrators, but also as reprehensible, particularly clumsy and offensive self-image, and the power that governs them, that the free citizens of a democratic republic (and, not coincidentally, was acquitted by the Supreme Court .... many convictions, but not managed to get rid of that image for damages). Thus Italy that has endured dry-eyed and the conflict of interest laws ad personam was outraged by the bunga bunga .... and for the protection of civil mad with rage .... and for "Batman er". " Source
Today 'more' long list of misdeeds politche-affaristiche that the list of laws and policy initiatives that go towards the good of the country.
Impossible and useless to enumerate the tricks, the filth and the misdeeds of this political class.
Corruption, in Italy, takes on the traits of a pathological situation endemic, more or less accepted or subit.
A Parliament of "appointed" with the wildlife that we know, without a return to the preferences, which were sent to Parliament mozzorecchi able to spend millions on parties and vote trading.
Other than North and South, cracks, parochialism and units still to be accomplished. Never Italy is so compact and united - the arrogance and audacity - if you look in terms of scandals and "furbate."
This idea - that the individual prevail over the public that a rule of life is associated with both the advantage of the stronger
THE DAMAGE DONE TO ITALY FROM / FROM antichrists have LONG TIME IS unthinkable from the point of view of ethics and morals, the worst of modern culture.
The degradation of ethics and fall of policy credibility have reached levels that even in the years of Tangentopoli were untouched.
But then as now the barbarism of the custom house, the corruption, the buying power consent to perpetuate itself, the loss of the common good, not just a problem of the morality of the people.
In addition to the damage that has in itself, is a ballast that drives the country along the decline and the center of Christianity 'MORAL NOT HAVE MORE' CREDIBILITY '.
And in decline increase injustice, inequality, grudges, even individualism.
In fact, today the Italian and 'addicted to having lost the ability to "indignant"? Literally, "take the value, dignity, to someone or something."
The outrage is a moral act, but is also deeply political delegitimization is, or, is neither supine acquiescence, or move to the woods, solo flight in their own individual freedom. It is a powerful civil act collectively - provided, of course, the indignation of one or a few are consonance wrath of others, of many (if not, the outrage remains confined to the private morality
No need to say the names degl'Anticristi are many and bipartisan but one in particular has more 'blame others.
Some should be condemned to hell fire under the perennial perennial Brothels and porcellum.
What to do and how to get out and 'impossible to say, in fact, these elections will not solve any problem even worse is even with the positive news of Cricket.
Paradoxically, it would be ethically more 'just give everyone equal opportunities' in immorality.
I mean 'free of immorality doses apply to all Italians so that the law of nature (more' fair and equitable) to take its course, winning the most 'clever and strong.
UNFORTUNATELY EVEN IN THIS POLICY HAS BEEN raped ITALIAN THE ITALIANS, not allowing the mass equal rights illegally.
This opportunity 'for a few who are holding the country trasversalemnte and bipartisan.
Nor do we know how this is influencing the fall of the Antichrist Pope Ratzinger.
While Italy and 'destinana this perennial status is also true that the center of Christian Mondialità may Collapsing under the blows of the' antichrist Italian with the guilty connivance or underestimation of the Italian Church.

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