venerdì 22 febbraio 2013

Warning! after the elections there will be 'a Political Earthquake Judiciary in Italy? Forecast Analysis of Neuronal SocialNetwork.

In addition to being the foremost expert on the Italian Political Marketing on Social Network, who knows me knows that I do analysis on the Web Neuronal gates opening to me to have very reliable forecasts.

I feel in a position to say after careful analysis, that 10 days after the Italian General Election there will be 'a distortion Political Judiciary that will strike' a well known figures and a group Political Precise well?

Of course, this provision does not allow me to know the "Name or Political Group" and even if I knew I could never detect it for any complaints.

Of course, the analysis has allowed me to have more information than what was stated, however, everything must run its natural course.

An expert analysis does not affect the events but follows them aware in advance of what will happen.


Day Friday 22/02/2013

Remo Pulcini

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