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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

lunedì 20 maggio 2013

The question Syrian analyzed as no printing can ', Remo

The Syrian civil war is a conflict in the country that sees opposing government forces and those of the opposition Syrian National Coalition gathered in and that fits into the broader context of the Arab Spring.
Since 1963 the country is governed by the Ba ʿ th party whose leader Asad and 'minority of the Sunni majority.Please note that the Syrian Revolution and 'very messy indeed what they say and that Sempio America reveals the true face more than two years after the revolution that supports its support seems to disappear behind the Russian veto and initiatives fake.

It is not clear if America and Israel who wanted to bring down the government of Asad under the blows of revolutionaries who have sacrificed by joining tens of thousands of martyrs and wounded and hundreds of thousands of displaced people and violated his possessions and its mosques, could have accepted the survival of Al-Assad and his clique of criminals in power.

The secret behind the fact that Russia has sent warships in the Mediterranean off the coast of Tartus military base where he could be an under the table agreement between Russia-US allowing the survival of the Lion Asad.Of course, this situation is compounded by the Russian and Chinese veto, which affects the revolution.Meanwhile, people are dying are in fact ongoing violent clashes between the army and guerrillas trying to make it Barzah the dead and wounded.Moreover, he had put in place a system of struggle Online worthy of the best equipment that's how it should be set to: 

You can be a hero with Jihad on-line: 

1. the support of the Syrian revolution pages large or small Blake and sharing page with friends 
2. the publication of photos or videos on the daily events of the revolution on YouTube or on your wall or the wall of a friend to see all your friends no matter if they were Syrians or Arabs or other 
3 _ participate in campaigns to spread the truth on the pages of newspapers and magazines to get the seriousness of what the system in our beloved Syria with an individual effort or follow-up to the parish pages effective participation of relevant communications on the pages and the people who annoy the revolution or maimed as a follow-up to relevant pages to accomplish the mission as quickly expose the FSA system and henchmen to publish information about them and share them with friends 
4 _ to pray for patience, persistence and published on the occasion with friends or on the wall or on the wall of friends 
5_ create opportunities for faith-filled reading seal victory 
6 _ not forget the rights of participation and homework with friends, God bless you dear, my conclusion: Save us add what they distract, or forgot to be integrated functions (Translated from Bing) 

Everything is complicated even within the same country where everything is explained by the international policy based on the theory that all the evil in the world behind the West and Israel and the international freemasonry not seeing that Iran is fueling the fire of hatred and fighting between factions.Meanwhile the people dies under the blows of International Affairs and the Western press ears ago by merchants.

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