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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

mercoledì 29 maggio 2013


Dear readers, I can tell you for a long time of this covenant between PDL and PD.These days many newspapers do leak some considerations that effect in addition to the statements of Bisignani on the relationship between cricket and the U.S..The issue of Italian view in a detached way and from above, looks very simple but if you focus on individual actions you have never seen the light.Of fact 'was made an infamous pact define it as well the "pact of the Devil" whose sole culprit and' the PD, party full of men who are worse much worse than Berlusconi.This pact sees all the oligarchical forces act in the field immediately after the election and the failure alliance between Grillo (error) and the Democratic Party, has enabled these powers' inciuciare and come to a conclusion, ie what is now the Italians to Government with Letta (solidarity 'strong powers whose supervisor and' represented by the U.S.).In practice Bersani a while to inability ', a bit' cause the powers that be represented by Letta have prevented him from winning the elections have paved the way to this solution.In contrast Grillo has made a huge mistake by not offering his side to a government because PD '(unfortunately he did not know), this lack of alliance made by the PD and never wanted' was his political demise.The U.S. on the one hand at a time when the PDL and Berlusconi for too many "shit done" had become unreliable have focused on this new solution M5S according to two viewpoints:1) Represent the natural replacement for Di Pietro. ('Cause do not you wonder why the Party of Di Pietro and' disappeared instantly in the silence of all?)2) Experiment with what I do for a long time Marketing on Social Networks very important issue for Obama who has everything focused on this new line of policy making and consensus and 'an area of ​​national importance for U.S. political campaigns. Experience in Italy avoiding disasters in the USA.Unfortunately, when this solution was for Grillo (an exciting adventure) have moved large coalitions of power, just as cricket is enjoyed in the pre-election tour its success being distracted by his personal enjoyment (all men are afflicted) while the other without his knowledge lavoravono for silurarlo.Bersani throughout this phase of history as Grillo was convinced he had won did not realize that within his party had torpedoed by time and the farce of trying to govern with Grillo was a strategy (amateur).In this scenario, you do not think that Berlusconi has not had its problems?Although he 'came close to being fired and dismissed as many currents that are still turbulent, not only by Alfano and Schifani says Bisignani, but also by Gianni Letta, who plotted with his grandson and dagl'ex An.However and 'failed for the skin of his teeth to keep the compact party.At the end of the Tournament arrived today with an agreement that satisfies all the powers with the approval of the Church and the USA.A momentary mess represented by this government Letta whose role is not 'do find work, they will make development reforms.The purpose of this government have read and to abide by a covenant "of the devil" in exchange for a victory in the Administration and as a party given by a campaign in the tone of the movement of Berlusconi's PDL will have 'safe passage to his rescue and processes everyone.So Berlusconi's PDL and PD to deliver victories to inizare from Rome! Rome and govern all things considered 'just a big mess and in return will be approved all those laws that will save Berlusconi and his companies.All this is well and then the U.S. can 'abandon himself Grillo and his Movement 5 Stars, who will use' as a study case as SocialNetwork for their election campaigns.By contrast even the Catholic Church approves this solution due to the presence of many Catholics.Once this period of history we have.Pd winning pro-American and democristianizzato.PDL scinderà 'in a new force in Italy and a new National AllianceCricket like the odd man out now reduced to pure esprimento USA.Just what legegre falsely Letta says: 'And' save-Berlusconi, reforms at risk '. But Nitto Palma disagrees: 'Lies, text only transfers robes of office, not about running processes'.Is it not that Nitto Palma and 'was appointed by them!In all this is not shit ITALIAN PEOPLE OR BETTER COUNTS AS TWO CUPS OF A TRUMP

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