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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

mercoledì 12 giugno 2013

'Cause the Monte dei Paschi di Siena is not' saved as in USA? It will require a survey post Scandal?

It dates from the end of January the important investigation that has engulfed MPS
Suddenly on the final accounts, it was realized that the institute showed strong fiscal imbalances.
We tend to attribute this anomaly to the acquisition of Banca Antonveneta budget, acquisition, to put it mildly abnormal saw the price, that could be called out of the market, which MPS paid for the operation, about nine billion Euros.Continue with the investigation of the Prosecutor in the investigation also enter a range of funding suspicions that the foundation MPS would have provided, in practice acting credits to the directors of the same institute to which you add the Bond issue.
Parties and politicians are potentially involved in the events MPS given the strong influence exercised in the appointment of members of the board of directors or of the management of the bank, however, so much so that over the years many of the mayors of the city of Siena were just by it, . The Monte dei Paschi di Siena is a banking institution that despite the evolution of finance in the last thirty years has remained true to its scheme of bank foundation to majority private ownership, because in spite of the legal requirements (Amato Law of 1990), he had never lost the majority in the private decisions.
The investigation is still going on is falling in the silence of the national press, however Economic Policy Analysis should be done regardless of the judicial judgment.
And since I want to be precise and concise tailor Telegraph and schematic:
1) If the policy is involved in the scandal do not understand how this same policy has been able to launch a rescue plan with the money of Italian citizens? and as if a burglar or thief allegedly were given the task to return the stolen goods, and this is the approviggionasse robbed to repair his thieving
2) The Bank is totally private, and its failure would not have caused the fall of the stock market World.
3) Another anomaly is also apparent in the survey because then you should ask those who launched the rescue with public money why did not require government involvement?
If you remember the most severe case of system failure at the World Bank has been to the USA.
In 2008, Lehman faced an unprecedented loss to the continuing subprime mortgage crisis
On 15 September 2008 the company announced its intention to file for Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code (procedure very similar to the arrangement provided for by the Italian Bankruptcy Law).
The deepening of the crisis prompted the U.S. government to intervene. The Secretary Henry Paulson economy sponsored the implementation of a full-bodied bailout of the U.S. financial system, approved October 3, 2008 (after being rejected on September 29 in the House) by the Congress of the United States, coming to the rescue of large institutions credit of U.S. banks reduced the risk of bankruptcy.
The action plan, which initially provided for a nominal threshold no greater than $ 700 billion, a total amounted to 7,700 billion dollars.
This story I need to highlight two differences with this strange our national case.
1) In that case the system was jumping World Economic USA and in MPS nothing would have happened.
2) The Government of the United States of America demanded that in exchange for these sums of money of American citizens corresponded to an equal relationship with the State-owned. In short, these banks are adhering to half private and half state.
In view of these reference experiences I wonder how the policy and then Prime Minister Monti who saved the bank (which was totally private) with the money of the citizens has not claimed the property?
I believe that the judiciary should extend at least a new control on the work of the Policy following the scandal of the MPS but the way in which you saved the Bank.
This is not to say that it has been committed crimes because they are not technically able to understand it but it sure makes me kind that has not been used in the U.S. system in Italy

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