martedì 11 giugno 2013

In Syria, Assad will win, even the U.S.A. abandon the rebels.

It is clear that Assad is implementing a successful counter-offensive on a large scale, supported by the Lebanese Hezbollah wire Iranians.

The rebels first supported by Europe and the United States are in great difficulty because of infighting between various factions and lack of logistic support "weapons".

In fact the area in question and 'vital to the balance of the world and to control Energy and' under control of super-powers that do a balancing act of war.

The Russians and China have long maintained Assad filling it with weapons and with Israel against the United States and Europe supported the rebels.

The Bankruptcy Obama's foreign policy in his second term is committing blunders made ​​by indecision, bad decisions and thoughts often also supported by a lack of information Intelligences has in fact changed the whole scenario.

Considering that Assad is becoming a tough to beat, while informative talking about 1 or 2 months of resistance and considering that among the rebels have entered supporters of al Qaeda, the failed Obama's foreign policy that remains is to abandon to their fate the rebels and make a deal again with the number one enemy Assad.

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