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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

lunedì 17 giugno 2013

Let me explain the Decree of the DO, all they have approved for them. All I can tell you that the press

 Let me explain the Decree of the DO, all they have approved for them. All I can tell you that the pressMy position 'clear for some time, this government mess was born in my view from a blackmail that has as its object the negotiation State-Mafia and the case of MPS, so when specified and explained to me on the agenda by the Council of Ministers and 'the record and serves to highlight the facts that nothing is being done to Italian citizens if not demagoguery.
The Council of Ministers met on 15 June 2013 at 15.20 at Palazzo Chigi, under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister, Enrico Letta. Secretary, the Secretary of State to the President, Philip Patrons Griffi.
The Council of Ministers approved, first, a decree on urgent measures for growth called the Decree of Do that and I renamed the Decree of the "No Action" and I was lenient because 'some things that have been approved are shameful approvals .
1) One of the first things and 'approval of a measure for the Development of Infrastructure, none but' you said that these sums are not just for new infrastructure but are used to unlock shipyards of another government of Berlusconi Do what now latches and bogged down by time.
2) Program "bell 6000": € 100 million for 200 interventions in the municipalities under 5,000 inhabitants involving the fabric of small and medium enterprises. Then I will explain what really need these sums.
3) Bid harbors and boating• Abolition of tax on small boats;
As nationals who are in crisis have the boat will certainly be pleased with this initiative.
4) Simplifications in the field of building• Stop the red tape: the person who needs to start reporting activities may require the Immigration Office to provide for the acquisition of all the acts of assent necessary construction measures;• The certificate of occupancy may also be required for individual buildings, each portion of the building or individual units provided functionally autonomous, if they have been manufactured and tested the primary infrastructure works.
This in a country like Italy will mean 'an incentive to abuse the building.
5) Companies
Funding:• will be granted on or before December 31, 2016 by banks;• will have a maximum duration of 5 years and for a value not exceeding € 2 million for each company.
Just do not say that the companies will have access Virtuous and that 'companies that banks already' favor will be cut out companies under bankruptcy.
6) Refinancing of development contractsWith the funding of development contracts in the Centre-North, managed by Invitalia.
Forget this chapter 'cause we know how it works.

7) Reduction of electricity bills
A emerita bullshit from the classic crafty people who are not smart, apart from favor only the southern regions such as Campania must remember that families in need have to a discount for 12 months on the basis of the ISEE.

1) Liability of Corporate TaxationAbolishes the tax liability of solidarity between contractor and subcontractor in respect of VAT payments.
9) SIMPLIFIED FOR CITIZENSHIPSimplification of procedures for granting citizenship of children born in Italy to foreign parents to come of age
The establishment of the position of assistant to study at the Court of Cassation: 30 ordinary judges already in role may be assigned by the CSM to the civil sections of the Supreme Court, in order to achieve an increase in productivity in the sector, thereby countering the current trend towards increase in slope (in 2012 were nearly 100,000 cases pending).
Who ensures the impartiality of these people and that will not be chosen by the parties on the basis of recommendations and therefore subject to their own service?
• The exclusive concentration at the Courts and the Courts of Appeal of Milan, Rome and Naples of cases involving foreign investors (without permanent establishments in Italy) with the aim of ensuring greater predictability of decisions and reduced costs logicistici.
But I'm not convinced of motivation.
• The revision of the so-called agreed in white. The instrument was introduced in 2012 to enable the enterprise in crisis to avoid bankruptcy and save the heritage from the attacks of creditors as soon as possible (that is, the court filing an application is not accompanied by a proposal relating to the amounts that are paid to creditors). To prevent abusive conduct of this instrument (ie direct questions only to postpone the moment of failure, when the same can not be avoided) emerged from the first statistical surveys, you have that the company will no longer be limited to the initial question in simple white, but shall file, for verification purposes, the list of its creditors (and therefore also of its debts). The Court may also appoint a judicial commissioner, who will check if the company in crisis is actually working to prepare a complete proposal for payment to creditors. In the presence of acts in fraud of creditors, the Court may terminate the proceedings;
Nothing for Youth
Nothing for Families
Nothing for Work
Nothing for Companies
Nothing to Combat Corruption
Nothing to public salaries
Nothing structural

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