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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

martedì 4 giugno 2013

Soon we will see with the evidence if the mess between PDL and PD, between Berlusconi and Letta exists as I believe. Presidentialism and 'evidence prince! the COUNTRY OF THE TWO DUX

The 19 Giugnoe 'the day on which the Constitutional Court will have to rule on the non-recognition of such failure made by the Milan court during the trial Mediaset.
If the Consultation recognizes the right to the Knight, the process will return in the first degree and prescription erase the conviction and punishment of five years' disqualification from public office may, however, confirm that the Supreme Court in October.
Based on these considerations it is clear that although cricket and 'definitely a pawn in a game more' big when he says that:
"The government created by the emergence of processes of Berlusconi, the investigation of the Monte dei Paschi di Siena, negotiation State-Mafia and under the pressure of international finance. Letta, Captain Findus, just makes the pole and takes orders.
He says the reality of the fact.
Sorry to see that President Napolitano in this game has entered the case-strength and for obvious reasons I do not want to add other considerations.

"Without the Democratic Party in Italy are all personal parties.
And the personal parties are by definition anti-democratic parties, which respond to the boss, the leader live and die with the leader.
Well what I did not understand the PD is that it is' he who is likely to become extinct and leave the country in a Dual Dictatorship.
Berlusconi and Grillo which makes me think that the hand of the U.S. can be a hypothesis rather concrete.
The future of the country and this Dual Dictatorship will be played 'in the presidential system.
"Presidentialism, if anything were to happen, would only serve to elect Berlusconi prince and leader, and to realize the plan of P2 Licio Gelli.'s Offensive Grillo, replicated by other members of the movement, produces an immediate result. Evoking the nomination Silvio Berlusconi at the Quirinale, not at all remote hypothesis, as it suggests clearly the endorsment of leaders pdl Renato Schifani and Renato Brunetta, in fact, creates problems especially to the Democratic Party.
But, according to rumors, there are also concerns at the Quirinale: Napolitano believes that if the role of Head of State lose superpartes need to create another site warranty.
Enrico Letta opens the election of the Head of State "with new rules" and the PDL rejoices. Always in the front row, but without success, in favor of presidentialism, the people of freedom now sees more than a crack. "Now I think we can do it - says the Deputy Angelino Alfano - because even on the part of the Democratic Party are opening up significant openings." But already the first rise niet left, especially by Sel and Stefano overspend.
"In case of direct election of the President of the Republic, at present Silvio Berlusconi certainly candiderebbe," says the vice-president of the Senate PDL Maurizio Gasparri.
DEAR FRIENDS ON THE BASIS OF THESE DEVELOPMENTS AND OF THESE CONSIDERATIONS THAT THE PICTURE SHOWS AND 'VERY LIGHT MAKES ME SEE MY SPECIES compatriots who always considered themselves a nation of poets, saints and navigators and diaciamolo well Furbi that these agreements are not Politicians and this political scenario and 'pre-election that everyone criticized harshly and which to date has shown that the priority' not 'as it says some Establishment Emergency country, but their useless and minimal power issues.
IN SHORT, THE COUNTRY IS fucking THINKING TO BE POWERFUL AND LARGE LOBBY not knowing that destroying Italy, but when they stepped out of the country are as important as the "two cups" to trump.
Here we are not talking about China, India, the U.S. or Russia are not at all like the empire of Gazprom and not realize it when we punch him in the face as in the case of the two Maro 'of our Army of Italy.
This and Italy 'Italy of provincialotti, the boys of the neighborhood and the means for personal well-being statesmen who sell off a country that becomes more and more' poor and backward.
W L 'Italy

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