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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

giovedì 6 giugno 2013

The Government will last '18 months then you will go to the Vote. Italy country led to genetically Didattura and Oligarchy to be hoped that this mess jumps for the good of the country.

And 'quite evident analyzing the facts made by this Government and by the statements made by politicians that this government was created to play a single role, perpetuating the Oligarchy.
The Government National Emergency and Napolitano wanted by 5 Musketeers: Berlusconi, Alfano, Letta, Franceschini Fassina and only serves to make 4 easy steps masked by Institutional Reforms:
1) Change the Constitution
2) Reduce the popular force to a force Oligarchic through the Establishment of a Chamber of Deputies with just 400 Ladies and a second chamber of the regions controlled by the parties
3) Make a law Electoral Ad Hoc to ensure their power is not expressed by the vote
4) Give the presidential system to the country
All this must be done in 18 months and it 'clear that the project can' seem easy to implement collides with the delicate balance between PDL and PD, everything must be mediated and counter-changed and is not 'said that at the end of this mega mess can be accomplished.
The Bank could jump anyway and it would be a fortune to Italy and the Italian people.
In this bleak picture is clear from the facts that Matter Work, Development, Taxes, Business, Corruption and Spendig Reviw are only minor accessories.The strategy and spread the wool over the eyes of the "Popolino."
Just a light block IMU for a few months, a mock law on a non-party financing which in fact will begin to run from 2017 with 2 per thousand (an exorbitant amount), some skirmish and pretend play and 'done.
The danger forewarned not 'risk Dictatorship, impossible to implement even by some crazy Italian' cause Europe and the USA would prevent the right, but something worse and that 'the continuation of this ignoble oligarchy of the few and the Lobby.
The project 'of a great strategy and finesse better than a coup or a P2.
A project more 'subtle and Democrat who could succeed largely because' of the Italian people did not 'that French or English unaccustomed to Democracy.
Our nation and 'Genetically brought to dictatorship or oligarchy, fascism teaches.
Caution! the healthy forces of the country should understand that the risk and 'too big' cause soon after this change for business affairs in this country bisognera 'knock on the door of very few people.

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