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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

giovedì 6 giugno 2013

Turkey will explain the real reasons of the revolt as no journalist you can 'detect.

The protest began as a peaceful protest against the plans to demolish Gezi Park Taksim Square in Istanbul to build a Mega Supermarket, causing the death of another anti-government protester and bringing the death toll from the protests to three.
Groups of the revolutionary left, trade unions, NGOs, actors, nationalists, supporters, Muslim anti-capitalists, anarchists. The events of recent days in Turkey have brought to the streets a kaleidoscope of different voices defined the:

"People of Occupy Gezi"
"These protests are to be interpreted as the beginning of a Turkish spring, like the ones seen in the Arab world in the Mediterranean?" Many interpretations difficult and can give himself to this revolt but that 'does not mind you could be powered by the U.S. or Russia but at a different level.
Before analyzing the issue and 'better to try to present a picture of the situation in its entirety and in the context of International Geopolitics.

The protests have spread to 67 provinces, including Ankara and the coastal towns of Antalya and Izmir.
Police arrested 24 people overnight in Izmir accused of having "incited the riots and did propaganda" by publishing tweets to support demonstrations against Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Social networks, as well as in the recent protest movements in Arab countries, are having a decisive role with a tam-tam incessant helped rally the marches these days with photos and video, and document the disproportionate use of force by the police against demonstrators.
In fact, the political leadership has turned into a sort of dictatorship disconnected from the concerns of most citizens.
The support in its favor is tied to a booming economy and a sense that Turkey is currently in much better shape, in all fields, which ten years ago.
However, the measure that follows other laws or recommendations of undoubted inspiration: prison for those who denigrates Muslim values, a ban on kissing in public, ban of advertising products with pictures of women with bare legs, the hostess of the airline have been lengthened skirts, the veil allowed in public places (Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey - year 1923 - it had banned), Koranic schools for children, and so on. And then there are the journalists put in for their opinions have worsened the Turkish capital, however, the real reason is not 'this.

This is the picture Turkish internal to date at the same time in Syria and 'beached the Revolution of the Arab Spring.
These days the Syrian army has scored a crushing victory against the rebels in the strategic central city of al-Qussair.
Opposition leaders attribute the victory of the support of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.
The popular uprising, which now has turned into various areas of the country into a veritable civil war, is now in danger of really being exploited by regional and international interests and 'that's the reason for the short and sudden uprising of Turkish motives for so say futile.
Opposition activists say the group Hezbollah is fighting alongside government troops in al-Qussair as it is known they are an important ally of Syria.
Hezbollah supported by Iran are now palesamente with Assad as to declare that:

"If Syria falls into the hands of Israel or America, ... the people of our region will enter a dark period," he said, adding: "If we do not go there to fight against them ... they will be here."
Hezbollah has previously stated that its fighters have protected tens of Lebanese Shiites border towns that have been threatened by radical rebels in Syria.
From here, the Shiite militant group is helping the Syrian administration, which is controlled by the minority leader of the Alawite Shia against Sunni-led insurgency.
In this general situation where Assad becomes a real stop for the Arab Revolution inserting the foreign powers and two key countries in the dominance of the Middle East.
Turkey and Israel have reached an agreement for the normalization of diplomatic relations, frozen since May 2010, this comes after the hard attack of the turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to Shimon Peres during the meeting in Davos in January 2009
A further complicating the picture there is the issue of Cyprus. Tel Aviv is cooperating with the authorities greek Cypriot engaged in the research of gas fields in the Mediterranean, an initiative from Ankara to be illegal, at least as long as the island remains divided. (And not only 'too upset Russia)
But both want Iran to block its nuclear program, at the same time the war in Syria worries both Turkey and Israel, finally, for both the resumption of the peace process in the Middle East is very important.
Furthermore, Turkey as well as being highly disturbed by commercial factors and energy has a priority block Iran and the pressures on the borders of Syria, a long question of the Kurds and the PKK party put in the dock.
In the chaos Syria, Turkey sees the risk of a riesplosione uncontrollable conflict with the Kurdish separatist PKK, quantities of food at this time to Assad:
Today, the Islamic government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan is to deal with the most violent protest never occurred in over ten years in power (since 2002). Against the conservative policies of the leader of the AKP, inclined to a silent Islamization of society.
In general mobilization, there are also the Greens and the Communist Party of Turkey, Prime Minister of the strongest opponents into submission to capitalist logic, as well as the associations that are viscerally opposed to the collaboration of the government towards the aggression against Syria. (REMEMBER THESE NAMES THAT ARE THEN THOSE WHO HAVE PARTICIPATED IN THE PROTEST, SEVIRANNO TO CLOSE THE ADDRESS AT THE END OF ARTICLE)
In fact, on the border between Syria and Turkey in Ras al-Ayn from the beginning of November, more than the war between the Free Syrian Army (ESL) and forces loyal to Assad, he is fighting another internal front against the regime, the for control of the north-east of the country between Islamists and Kurdish rebels.
The Turkish authorities are using two weights and two measures, say the Sunni insurgents and are afraid that among the Kurdish refugees there are also militant separatists, then help the refugees by providing food, blankets, medicine and a place to stay. "
According to the Turkish authorities the main cause of the recent escalation of violence in recent months would support that the Syrian regime has been supplying the PKK. "The PKK is working in close collaboration with the secret services of Damascus, Assad sees Turkey as an enemy and therefore the PKK as a friend"
From this picture very delicate and complex it is clear that if on one side and Damascus' under pressure from the United States and Europe and partly under pressure from Turkey and other Istrael with the help of Russian and appggio moral and China North Korea as well as' active cooperation of Iran seeks to destabilize these two countries.
Hence it is clear that Turkey needs to do a balancing act to maintain good relations with Iran and Syria without turning their backs on opposition movements and at the same time satisfy Europe and especially the United States, fearful of the positions taken by pro -Iran and pro-Palestinian Erdoğan in recent years, pushing for the normalization of relations with Israel, without betraying their Palestinian brethren.
The Turkish decision to host the new NATO anti-missile system whose construction will be completed in late 2011 has instead strengthened the relationship, already very good, between Turkey and the United States. Strongly opposed to the project, however, Tehran.
A game that sees contenders as the radical Islamic forces and formations Islamic moderate, inspired by the "model Erdoğan." It is clear that Americans can only support Turkey and hope that his model is to prevail. In this Washington would be aided by the Gulf countries that, intimidated by the Iranian power, they began to invest billions of petro-dollars in the country heir to the Ottoman Empire.
Turkey is still an indispensable ally of NATO. And 'the progressive balance of power balances Middle Eastern and Central Asian. The United States therefore need to Ankara to create a Middle East that escapes Iranian influence and domination Energy that Russia wants to impose.
Turkey maintains the rebels (almost) the beginning of their revolt against Bashar al-Assad:
Thus, the United States signed the order to deploy by the end of January, two batteries for the Patriot anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense in Turkey, on the border with Syria (Moscow and it was anything but happy), no scratches for now the deep understanding Ankara and Moscow (apparently)
In fact, Russia has become the largest trading partner of Turkey. Most of the trade between the two countries is represented by the trafficking of natural gas from Russia arrives in the country Anatolian. This dependence is strengthened especially now that import gas from Iran, given the sanctions, Ankara is becoming a more complex operation.
Next year also Russia will begin to build the first nuclear power plant close to the Turkish Mediterranean port of Mersin. The funds for the construction of the plant include, through agreements already in 2010, a stake in Moscow for about $ 700 million. Turkey has also called agree to build a second pipeline from the Black Sea should have completed in Europe (competing pipeline on which to press the EU, which instead wants to circumvent the transition of Russia and reduce European dependence on gas of Moscow).

The reasons that can make an interpretation of the revolt Turkish can be many, but it is evident if we look at the matter from the point of view of internal political strategy but in the field of geopolitics that the reasons that lead Turkey to this escalation of violence until a few days ago considered the last bastion of transition between the West and the Middle East are obvious.
The revolution of the Mediterranean, or the so-called Arab Spring is born of stimuli and in particular the Western U.S. and Istrael, the same but 'and' beached the Dictator Assad in Syria, where he had to do according to forecasts of the Secret Service Westerners an easy end in reality not only remains firmly in power, it is likely to win and bring this country definitivamnte in Area Iranian diventanto a dangerous anti-American and anti-Wall Istraeliana.
In short, Syria with Iran and backing the Russian and Chinese sympathy linked to strategic interests in terms of war and Commercial Energy sources remains in fact a failure for the West.
In all this joins Obama's indecision American who does not know whether to abandon the rebels and closer to Assad and the random order of the European nation.
In short, the great nation USA, Modern Roman Empire did not know what to do and wants to play with two decks of cards (amateur)
The last attempt to save the area and the Syrian revolution 'was entrusted to Turkey and Istrael by the Americans, but this and' immediately clashed on several factors considerable pressure Russian, Chinese, and North Korea and the ' barbarism of the same Syrian uprising that has' turned into a war of factions and then into civil war.
In this context, the intelligence services of Assad and Iran were immediately mobilized well on the one hand trying to stop the action Istraeliana by factions of Hezbollah in Turkey and from the inside fomenting revolt within this Directory to the same Erdoğan on the one hand Iranian understand the message "we can hit you from the inside" and at the same time by engaging in internal affairs will have 'less interest in exercising this action against Syria.
In short, the story is not 'local but Internazione and difficult to resolve.

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