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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

mercoledì 24 luglio 2013

The letter of Bertinotti against Napolitano, I fully agree Mr. President,

You can not. You can not freeze Authority one of the possible solutions to the problem of the government of the country, that in place. as if it were the only one possible, as if it were prescribed by a higher will or as if it were objectified by the historical reality.
You can not, because otherwise democracy would be suspended. You can not turn a His, and others, forecast on the economic processes in an impediment to the free democratic process. Economic processes in a democracy should be able to be affected by the policy, therefore, should be dependent variables, are not independent. You can not, because otherwise democracy would be suspended. Whether it is claimed that we live in fully democratic regimes, whether it maintains, as is now so much part of the political literature, that we have entered Europe at a time post-democratic, that of the revenge of the elites, you can not. In the first case, because the impediment would be detrimental to one of the cornerstones of representative democracy that is the possibility, in every moment, to give life to an alternative government, in case of a crisis, even with the use of the popular vote. In the second case, it seems to me that the current situation in Europe, because it represents a powerful consolidation of the democratic regime-under construction. There is in the country's institutional and political reality a dangerous schizophrenia: on the one hand we sing the praises of the Republican Constitution, on the other hand, it is eaten every day by the constitution material. The first, as she teaches, raises the Parliament to a central role in our representative democracy, the second absolutizes governance to make it dependent. When asked to support the government because its fall would lead to irreparable damage, she helps the construction of the oligarchic constitution promoted by this material. In every democratic regime prediction is questionable because the policy itself to a project and a program that are necessarily part of, the same alleged general interest is not exempt from the diversity of its possible interpretations. But, if you allow me, Mr. President there is a much bigger reason why you can not.
Our constitution is, as we know, a constitution programmatic. Norberto Bobbio said that it democracy is inseparable from equality as testionia its Article 3. But, by refusing an option finalist in the definition of the future society, is open to different social economic models and those which will be led by what Dossetti called democracy Togliatti integral and progressive democracy.
When she alludes to possible irreparable damage to the country, it can only do because it considers the inevitable economic and social policies prevailing in Eastern loyal, austerity policies. Has little importance in the economy of this reasoning, my radical aversion to these policies that consider contributing cause of the massacre in social action.
What I would like to propose is that in politics and democracy can be manifested in another and different idea of ​​society than the one in place and that the Republican Constitution guarantees that it can be practiced and pursued. The global financial capitalism can not be imposed as a natural, or the questioning of his paradigm can be prevented in a democracy, whatever the steps of crisis and instability to which it may give rise. Or the democratic revolutions can only be possible elsewhere? No, the fundamental charter provides that, in respect of democracy and rejection of violence, can also be undertaken by us. There is already an external constraint, that of Europe fair, which limits our sovereignty, there can be also an external constraint to politics constituted by the President of the Republic. You can not, Mr. President. I allowed myself to direct them this open letter because I know that the long tradition and affectionate respect I have always had for you yourself put me away from any malevolent interpretation and my current distance from the places of political decision does not allow you to think of some instrumentality. You, my, only, the invocation of a citizen, although I have reason to believe that it is not unique.
Believe me, with all friendliness.
Fausto Bertinotti

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