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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

sabato 24 agosto 2013

All the failures of Obama's foreign policy in the Middle East and the United States seriously endanger the peace of the world. Amateurs

If we were among friends might say amateurs, yet this and 'the conclusion that must be drawn from the U.S. foreign policy, and in particular of Obama in recent years.
Improvisation, tangled strategies and situations that get out of hand to the great Super Power are creating fertile ground for making the doors of our home planet uninhabitable and all insecure.
Do not think that terrorism is now 'obvious but the most' elementary as trade with the countries of the Mediterranean, energy resources and the balance of which 'jumped and could soon become the real bomb American and European global economy just out the crisis or just think of the simple tourist trips in those countries that are no longer 'viable.
In short, the face of the planet and the World situation changed completely out of control because of a U.S. Foreign Policy and in particular President Obama beginner and improvised.
Any scenario is behind the Revolutions of the Mediterranean and the Arab Spring as the war between the Super Powers Energy as USA, China and Russia with the kind participation of Istrael and 'completely gone to shit.
The situation 'completely out of control for too many stakeholders and too entanglements that now it is impossible to return to peace.
So driving the Super Power U.S. we have an Obama Super Power comparable to the Roman Emperor Nero.
The teachings on Iraq and Afghanistan have not done any good, where the United States has tried to combine military action with bribes for coalition building, and humanitarian efforts in order to "win the hearts and minds of the people Afghanistan, "has produced no stabilization of fact and 'hotbed of terrorists for Al Qaeda.
The so-called Hawks of the U.S. with Bush were convinced that the war on terrorism was going through his defeat of the Taliban in Afghanistan today to actually have some sort of peace Obama has sent the services to offer bribes and money to chieudere a peace agreement with them.
In fact, last month, the Taliban opened an office in Doha (Qatar) to start negotiations with the United States for the conclusion of peace. But the intervention in Afghanistan had not been made to destroy the Taliban?
We cn Italian colony of the U.S. foreign policy and how ridiculous the idiot we spend money and money to prop up a mission that now has more 'logical meaning.
Let me be clear our fellow citizens to know how this situation can not be seen that there is a sort of media censorship, as he's wrong if everything 'was passed as a humanitarian mission?
Not to mention Iraq after the United States where you are dropped from the area, the country is in chaos, its infrastructure destroyed, there is an inter-religious war, two million refugees are on the brink of a humanitarian disaster ele ancient Christian communities destroyed by the Iraqi government that wants to cooperate with Iran.
In Libya after the fall of Gaddafi and 'created a government that does not control the nominal country and through which pass many supplies of weapons to the Islamists spread throughout Africa.
Today Obama is repeating the same mistakes in Syria where the skit Chemical attack by Assad (impossible 'cause it meant risking condemn itself the invasion and the contempt of the community internazionae) at a time in which for the uninitiated Assad has the partial control of the country and a huge military superiority over the rebels because of the weapons that Russia provides him.
Now he wants to take the excuse of this mysterious criminal action with chemical attack to invade Syria indeed create a no-fly zone also because 'the U.S. alone will never get bogged down in Syria with Russia on the neck and Iran with its Hezbollah.
The strategy of Obama and 'clear to everyone but not' clear the final result except perhaps to have for sure two bad results:
1) Drop also Syria in chaos with ungovernable, inter religious wars and millions of refugees into Turkey and Lebanon.
2) Efar Lebanon fall into chaos and although officially 'neutral, but whose inhabitants are preparing for war by closing stores and stocking up. Soon become 'a powder keg withthat Hezbollah will launch rockets into Israel.
We end up with Egypt is now controlled by the military junta, armed with the latest technology Use. A democratically elected government is overthrown with a simple apology.
In practice, where the interests of the U.S. and Israel are not the same throughout the rev jump.
Let me be clear I'm wire U.S. and I am convinced that a grave offense and lead the Muslims and 'to let the fundamentalists in their political action.
For this reason, a protective barrier is to be erected, but this barrier should not cause hatred, chaos, instability 'political and economic world and the suffering of millions of citizens without fault.
Here Obama and Israel have not yet seen fit to future consequence of this way of doing politics, also because 'the time of the cold war everything worked better even wars between subdued Super Powers for hegemony and control of energy resources.
Attention amateur Obama! the world is becoming an uncontrollable poleveriera maybe you should change the way we do politics and not listen to Israel.

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