mercoledì 14 agosto 2013

Egypt and the Muslim Sentiment Analysis Social Network Warning Israel

Dear friends over to politics and be an expert in Political Marketing unconventional you all know that I deal with political analysis on social networks are the hottest in the world, especially the Mediterranean.

Well after the massacre of about 100 people made ​​by the regular Egyptian (I'll spare you gruesome images) I can say that the alarm according to my analysis is going up so dizzy.

In practice, all the Muslims not only consider the Islamic factions guilty US-Israel news and sentiment mood soars against Israel.

Eye because it 's possible to have actions against Israel as well, but less to the U.S..

It also shows a French involvement in the crackdown against supporters of Morsi and this also against France emerges a negative sentiment

For now, and 'everything.

Indeed, what emerges in final form 'this:
They hoped to defeat the election of the brothers in Egypt of the Egyptian people, and instead have them turn into martyrs in military camps.

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