martedì 24 settembre 2013

The sell-off of Italian Firms Strategic decreed the failure of International Politics and Italy in the scenario in the name of false Globalization

We have abdicated , we sold off Italy have decreed death economic - political and strategic Italy on the chessboard International and Geopolitical scenario .
This sell-off of leading companies , strategic for the security of the country and its independence has shown that this policy or these politicians or they are like and ' incompetent licensed , and can not think without a shred of responsibility or in the worst case are traitors to the Republic .
In a time when it is decreed the failure of globalization and in which countries such as France , Great Britain, USA, Russia, China pledged to gain important positions in the international arena in order to secure energy supply and positions by acquiring companies and intervening militarily such as France in Mali.
Policy that Italy had abdicated and relinquished a role International had immediately understood the story of the two Maro ' , sons of our army that the Republic has failed to protect , and with each other Baptist where France and Brazil have snubbed the ' National interests .
Not to mention the double plays made ​​by France to Libya and ' willed enter the war scenario in the country to have a free hand in the contracts Energy and Rare Earth , when we all know that our position now lost went protected and nail to order not to lose that position of prominence who had Eni .
In short, a policy Oligarchy from fruit and vegetable market that is self - praises in the house only to be derided as soon as we are facing in Europe and in the World .
Our troops engaged abroad in the service of the United States without there being a strategic and economic return .
We are selling off Telecom , Finmeccanica , Alitalia , Post and many other companies ' strategic importance.
If we think agl ' Use that saved money with non-strategic state-owned companies like chrysler and France, which has not only embarked on a policy of geopolitical International - energy but a man is buying low Enterprises fundamental to the security of the country it is clear that Italy took a wrong turn and these foolish choices will be paid through years to come.
There are companies that can not be sacrificed it for the public debt, it in the name of Globalization .
Species that provides Italian companies such as Telecom sensitive services telephone and internet were not sold off even if anything were Nationalized .
Think now to Spain and that ' in competition with us at a lower level than in Britain and France , and that could gain access to sensitive information of industrial espionage and intercept citizens to concern.
In a time when we talk about Cyber ​​War , interception global war Planetary made ​​shots against hacking and information and information we are going against the current .
All Nations are organizing control rooms for the control and espionage networks Social Network , here's our debauchery , our selfishness garden , our thirst for money , our interest yard endangers the security of the Republic.
The damage that the short-sighted policy of mediocre bureaucrats as Read is causing the nation will be ' paid in the near future .
We will have a Republic of paper mache , which we will use to travel in France , to sail with our luggage , we will use the confidentiality of Spain and where the flagship of capacity ' intellectual and military ' Finmeccanica ( marred by political scandals ) Use license plate will be .
In short, we live in a country where not only the U.S. but also our fellow Europeans will tell us what to do and when.
A country of " shit " for a policy of " shit ."
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