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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

mercoledì 2 ottobre 2013

Worse than that he could not go to Italy , part of the Third Republic with the Government of Letta coup leaders and for the next 20 years, history repeats itself. The masters of Italy are called Letta

Worse than that in my view could not go.Every 20 years a republic falls and another is born in the hope that it will finally be the right one.Unfortunately this country and ' condemned to remain forever in the abyss of the coup leaders , turncoats and waiters Europe and the USA .After the First Republic had fallen to Berlusconi 's P2 as well as a friend of Dell'Utri , take the baton and save the powers that lurk within the system such as rats .Today this witness and ' touched Letta and own today and ' did the Third Republic , the Third Republic that conviction for the next 20 years Italy to a life of hardship and humiliation.The conspiracy had been planned for some time with the idea of ​​forming a party of moderates that without Berlusconi could be accepted in Europe within the European People's pit and well accepted by the U.S. and the Vatican.The e ' was given through a simple meeting that almost goes unnoticed to most people ' , including journalists and ' what made ​​the sight of all between the two Letta : Uncle and nephew a few days ago.While the act and ' was made today with the betrayal of the usual Scilipoti Democrats and Socialists who heard xperience of old and abandoned , they are doing the best exercise that so many Italians know how to do that and ' to jump the ditch .Read mediocre and not very courageous character learns the art of cunning Uncle .It accredits in Europe and thanks to Uncle has a skilled interlocutor even within the U.S. .Even within his own party , the PD has cornered D'Alema and now has the green light .Of course all this comes at a price that is paid with the blood of the Italians .Become the Leader of the Third Republic accredited in Europe and the U.S. has a cost that you pay for in terms of shiavitu ' .Just think that today's stock market and the rise and spread and fell in Italy, not only for stability but the dreaded 'cause the promises that were likely to jump can be maintained and paid for by Letta.That's why ' Finmeccanica for months vivacchia indifference of the bag which gives a beautiful undeperform , today earns 7.50% . And it ' clear that Italy sold off to become the King and ' the price to pay .And then after Telecom where the first to be intercepted from foreign countries will be Italian politicians , you can avail upgrade easily to sell Alitalia to the French and Finmeccanica to the U.S. 

As for the Monte dei Paschi di Siena and 'private foundation and that you had to sell and do not save it with the money of the Italian dell'Imu the free market does not count!In short, this country Italy seems like Libya and Egypt today will influence that is shared between U.S. and French.

Of course Berlusconi on these new levers and ' a skilled warrior defends her nails and teeth and pulls out of the hat a clever sleight of hand worthy of a statesman at least this time after spregato his political life between servants and ass-licker .Realizing that the game and ' lost and after saying a few seconds from his speech that the sfifucia here voted to give him the confidence to Letta with a masterful coup de theater .

What does this choice? Simply said :1 ) that the voting trust he can not ' be blamed for damaging the country.2 ) keep the government in check Letta, who will be ' forced to negotiate on everything.3 ) if the dissidents leave him behave like traitors failing the cause of treason.So passes the ball to the dissidents leaving them crippled.

And these are in fact with balls crushed 'cause the secret project , which then was not so secret of giving life to a party of the moderate Catholics, who was called Popular Italian and was well accepted within the European People's Party was known to me for some time ( and many others)So much so that I do not suspect I bought dates in all domains related to the initiative and they have launched an idea of ​​the Catholic Party on Social Networks as a sign of awareness.Of course a party of moderates with dissidents who until recently claimed to be right and dissidents from the left and now disgraced and ' hard to take off but unfortunately it seems that thanks to Formigoni (by way of condemnation ) has obtained the approval of the world Catholic matters .Everything ' evolving and certainly those who have lost this time and ' Berlusconi has been abandoned by the powers that until recently the ass and licked the most ' important to the Italians .Paradoxically have lost today: Berlusconi and Italian all bound by a destiny of love and hate .Who won in this story are the two shady characters Letta.

Today the real masters of Italy are the Letta, Uncle and Nephew .You will see as well as the feared needs of the Government of Purpose in case of fall of the government Letta was a need ' to give a new electoral law will fall' into oblivion.They will do any measure , but certainly not a new electoral law . 'cause of the fact that they fucked even Grillo will be' swallowed up by the system.Not to mention the old Napolitano, who will lose ' gistamente memory and ' not invoke any government purpose.

In fact this government is not ' was voted by the Italians because' is not ' nothing but a BordellineW Italy

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