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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

domenica 17 novembre 2013

Here's how the duo Gianni Letta, Berlusconi has designed the false split with Alfano a Great Masterpiece Political Let's look at the terms. An Italian Oligarchy fuck in full citizens. Renzi also in future project

I left without saying anything to the contrary by making everyone believe that I had fallen into the trap as most of the Italians , although in the previous months had first announced that there would be a split between forzisti the first time with those of the National Alliance ( and the informants work well) .
In fact, Berlusconi is holding the country and is holding the President and the PD except for the part of Alemiana .
In fact the project to be alone forzisti the First time even if desired by the President , however, was in his awareness that this project and 'now antiguato and passed but only serves to lock down Berlusconi.
The Force of Italy today is worth less than 10% even if necessary , and then a project of High Policy do? in this case we think Gianni Letta : on the one hand to occupy the Right to Brothers of Italy with Crosetto and Meloni making early departure.
However, they realize that it is not enough to miss the center Moderate to speak always sold out by Casini that should be impaled to have it reduced to a commodity .
And here is the Great Masterpiece Political art a matter of policy , to the best Neapolitan melodrama apart from that of Mario Merola .
Create artfully pretend to let him fight with Alfano Center Right with the help of Casini that not being able to define how I would like ( to avoid lawsuits ) and abandons Monti prepares to go with this great tricksy .
The project moreover final was clearly stated by Berlusconi a unique symbol PDL in which you would put Forza Italy, Brothers of Italy and New Center - Right fucking the Left .
Just feel the videos of the two Leaders Berlusconi and Alfano to understand some nuances that are screwing up the Italian and then who could do a work like that unless a Sicilian unaccustomed to such things.
The political masterpiece and 'so well done that was not enough to cheat the Italians had to scuttle this left , this PD servant but not the country that Berlusconi is being governed not by Italian citizens but long enough to fix things to Berlusconi.
In this project, in fact Berlusconi in recent months even say 2 years ago underneath it agrees with the draft Renzi to take over the Democratic Party , the only real opponent of the fucking master of Italy Berlusconi and 'D' Alema in fact he lost the day that they made the coup in Bersani.
In short, this and ' the framework those who believe well who does not believe any problem in the coming months I will enjoy ' prediction take shape.
W ITALY congratulations to Gianni Letta and Berlusconi or tell you in your ear ( who I refer monitors ) to me you have not cheated .
FINAL :Forza Italy could not raccoglire voters in the middle where even the PPE in Europe does not want Berlusconi 's new party, " new center " of Alfano will instead have the ability to recall Casini and her grades and maybe other votes lost in M5S and screwed to Renzi . At the next election the new FI and new center-right coalition could then reorganize a new majority rubbing for the umpteenth time the PD . Ponder .

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