giovedì 21 novembre 2013

Here's how the U.S. protects the life of the President of the United States using information technology

Considering that were killed in the history of the United States Presidents and not less than 4 and that the current threat and ' amplified by much.
In this article I'll take ' into consideration protection systems to the President of the United States relative to information technology and non- traditional techniques.
One of the innovations more ' modern in possession of the Services and Protections ' a facial recognition system called biometric system , optical surveillance , or head , which can scan the crowd of 6,000 people and compare the faces in the database with those criminals. The DHS , through its program of Science and Technology Directorate , is also reportedly developing drones that can "determine if individuals are armed or unarmed . "
Remains the bomb threat or preimpiantata launched well even in this case were considered new technologies as solutions to a system perrilevare bombs through acoustic methods using " a laser vibrometer and a sound beam to identify how the bomb casing vibrates . " Other researchers are working using lasers to detect particular chemicals in the air, which would indicate a chemical attack .
One expert says cm ² :" If you have time and patience, you can kill anyone '

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