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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

martedì 12 novembre 2013

Italy - Israel a bilateral Turin - Top Secret for new strategic assets as well as' comrades in arms and exercises on the heads of unsuspecting Italians. Italy earns $ 600 million in comesse (Finmeccanica) but spends 1 billion in comesse and no Italian know anything!

Will be held on December 2 Italy-Israel bilateral meeting in Turin .
 The venue choice is not ' random saw the proximity of the University School of Strategic Studies and Sciences , which offers different knowledge .

The impact of these agreements provided also involve our territory , with the import of surveillance , testing new weapons of war and a loss of credibility within privileged contacts that our services are within the Palestinians.

These trade agreements in the military concern Finmeccanica supplies more and more ' international and increasingly the subject of interest , in this case in the field of aviation .And in fact ' in an exercise program also between Italian and Israeli air forces .

Close relationship between the air forces of Italy and Israel , the chief of staff of the Air Precious in Tel Aviv in view of the Blue Flag exercises Israeli Air Force A new plan aims to increase by 10 times the number of targets that can to detect and destroy.

This was stated by the head of the Air Operations of the Israel Air Force ( IAF ) , Brigadier General Amikam Norkin , in an exclusive interview with Defense News . The new plan , Attack Expanding Capacity ( EAC) , aims to use a "massive , persistent and punitive " the so-called " air force precision " to reduce the duration of future wars and avoid the use of ground forces , considered expensive and harmful in diplomatic terms . According Norkin , the power of the "machine " shall be such as "support a huge increase in the amount of targets " that the IAF detects and destroys .

To support the provisions of the EAC program , is undergoing a renovation that history , the most important in the last 40 years, the Israeli Air Force that will be implemented gradually over the next few months. "It is in this context that lands the Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force , Pasquale Precious , personal guest of General Amir Eshel , Commander of the IAF and the father of the plan EAC . Precious arrived in Israel in recent days, in view of the participation of Italy in the coming aerial exercise "Blue Flag" , the first multinational exercise of Israel, which takes its cue from " Red Flag " United States Air Force .

For two weeks, more than 100 aircraft and about 1,000 officers, soldiers and pilots from three other nations will participate in the exercises at the base of IAF Ovda near Eilat in southern Israel . Blue Flag air exercises provides air-to- air and air -to-ground , all planned by Israel, in which the participating forces will be in action against the " Flying Dragon " , the aggressor squadron of Israel.

Awaiting the start of the exercises , Precious visited the Israeli military bases and did a ride in a F-16 commenting : " Everything is close here , so for any type of threat to the state, the IAF should be ready in a short time and prepare a quick response .

I am impressed by the ability of the IAF to respond quickly and effectively to any threat. ""It 's also true that there were already in Sardinia exercises between the two air aereonauti the tutorial Italian-Israeli , code-named " Vega 2010, " was attended by over 600 military and 38 aircraft of various types that are deployed in Decimomannu air Base , home of the Department of experimental and standardization to the shooting plane. military cooperation that is developing with prosperous results for the manufacturers of weapons and surveillance systems will be hidden but important subject of the talks on December 2 of Turin.This process will also invest alliances with Italy of course this initiative supported by the new wire Use loyal and faithful servant Letta definitely put at risk the relationship with some wire Palestinian forces such as Hezbollah .

On the other hand there is a serious possibility of clashes in the day of the meeting in view of the national demonstration against the Italy-Israel summit scheduled on December 2 at the Reggia di Venaria . L ' announcement appeared on Infoaut , voice of the self , calls for protesters to boycott the meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Enrico Letta .

The agreement will invest this ' major businesses : Finmeccanica , Selex and Global Services

 Actually, this collaboration was already ' was established last July for part of a collaboration agreement between the Italian government and the Israeli government , Finmeccanica signed contracts worth approximately $ 850 million through the operating companies Alenia Aermacchi , Telespazio and Selex Elsag 

And with 473 million euro , Israel has won the first place among the buyers of Italian arms , especially about the purchase of 30 fighter trainer M -346

1 ) The contracts provide by Alenia Aermacchi , the supply of 30 advanced trainer aircraft M -346 . The agreement has a total value - which includes aircraft , engines, maintenance , logistics, simulators and training - equal to about $ 1 billion , of which approximately $ 600 million attributable to Alenia Aermacchi . The new aircraft will replace the A-4 Skyhawks now in service with the Israeli Air Force . The delivery of the first aircraft is scheduled for mid-2014 .

2 ) From Telespazio , supply, acting as prime contractor, the Italian Ministry of Defence of a satellite system for military high-resolution optical Earth observation , called OPTSAT -3000 , worth more than 200 million dollars. The realization of the satellite, whose delivery is expected in 2015 , will be awarded to the company Israel Aerospace Industries / MBT Space Division .

3) To be part of Selex Elsag , supply identification systems , communications and computers for flight control of the 30 advanced trainer aircraft M- 346 and the supply, for a value of approximately $ 41 million , through the company ELTA Systems Ltd , sub -standard NATO communications , tactical links and identification for two aircraft CAEW ( Conformal Airborne Early Warning ) for the Italian Air Force .

In the package in which Italy is committed to purchase two Gulfstream aircraft AWACS , there is also a high-resolution optical satellite , despite the fact that Italy already has access to the data through the French satellite facilities to collaborate in the development of vehicles remotely piloted aircraft and multi-session and multi-mission Jamms . In return Israel to Italy will provide important strategic military components for a billion dollars , a value corresponding to the expenditure incurred by the Italian Government .

In fact now Finmeccanica and ' an enterprise of war that is tempting at all and that it' under direct U.S. influence , the problem 'that this business, which countries at war in my view are legitimate because every industrialized country makes them the real problem and that this money actually cashes Fimeccanica with Israel amounted to 600 billion dollars are nothing more than a clearing saw that Italy will spend one trillion dollars without considering that there are also war games on the heads of Italian unemployed unaware !

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