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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

venerdì 8 novembre 2013

The military leader of M23 and his bodyguards are currently Kosoro , a Ugandan village , where they are held , after surrendering to military authorities of that country .

The news was confirmed yesterday by Mr. Ofwono Opondo , formerly spokesman of the Ugandan Government . As usual , officials of the negative group deny this information. Starting with a close Makenga which , he argues that they are , together with his head on the side of the Congolese border. '' They have to show our whereabouts ,'' he has supported . Bertrand Bisimwa , currently in Kampala , describes this information propaganda . Nevertheless, he recognizes the M23 '' have less information than the Ugandan officials .'' Mr. Ofwono Opondo informed, further , to date , 1500 M23 rebels had gone to his country and they are being held near the border with DR Congo .
The now former military head of M23 , inform Ugandan sources , was surprised in its run, the Mgahinga Park , in the night of Monday to Tuesday last by the guards of the national park in the country of Yoweri Museveni. It would be accompanied by about 300 men , say several sources .
The M23 is a mere shadow of itself. Its main leaders , completely cornered, are really torn between the DRC, Rwanda and Uganda.
On an assumed effective mutineers of 1500 , the bulk of the lot would be in Uganda , in the wake of Makenga a hundred in Rwanda with the infamous Innocent Kaina said India Queen . And the country of a thousand hills , as always, has denied this information on the presence of M23 fugitives on its soil.
The last weekend , only about 400 elements were desperately trying to resist the hill Chanzu .
Still on the surrenders , 28, 29 October and 2 November 2013 , 3 Mayi-Mayi elements Rahiya Mutomboki and 4 other Mai Mai Maheshe voluntarily defected with four AK -47 weapons to go to government troops deployed Shabunda - center , and Mwenga Matili , located 30 kilometers south of Shabunda . So, the noise of the firepower of the FARDC already crossing borders in North Kivu .
I must say that on the ground, it is time for the annihilation of the last strongholds of the rebels, who declared the end of the adventure , they put in their flight, to destroy weapons and ammunition. But also to burn vehicles and houses.
However, the security environment in North Kivu , inform UN sources , remains generally under the control of the Congolese and UN forces .
Moreover, when the FARDC clean the rest of the M23, the Brigade Force MONUSCO deployed in this province there continues unabated, the conduct of its unilateral operation called '' Blue Eagle '' , with the goal to dominate the field and deter any armed activity , including the M23 group .
Air patrols to deter any threat of armed groups are conducted.
HRW joins in
For this NGO human rights , the defeat of M23 thus marks the end of the devastating attacks against civilians carried out in the Democratic Republic of Congo by the armed group backed by Rwanda . This is a big step forward , but the process to bring to justice the perpetrators of the crimes committed by all sides in this complex conflict has only just begun . Also, HRW she called Kinshasa to stop M23 leaders responsible for war crimes , crimes against humanity and other serious human rights violations and prosecute through fair and credible trial .
It will , also , to face the threat posed by other armed groups responsible for abuses , including the FDLR , NDC , Raia Mutomboki and a number of Congolese Hutu militias often referred to as Nyatura . And through these efforts, implement urgently a new program of disarmament, demobilization and reintegration , which provides employment opportunities for veterans and ensure that the rebel leaders responsible for of serious human rights violations are arrested and brought to justice.
It should , according to HRW , prevent the repetition of past mistakes consisting reward some war criminals by senior military positions and promote impunity.

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