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U.S. President Barack Obama and his administration have yet to understand the scope and severity of the damage caused to America's credibility among its European allies on the NSA wiretapping case

Unfortunately, the U.S. President Barack Obama and his administration have yet to understand the scope and severity of the damage caused to the credibility of America among its European allies. The problem is not that countries spy on each other ( they all do ) . Rather, it is the extension of the collection of U.S. intelligence and attitude toward America 's allies that is more harmful OF DATA COLLECTED .
an own goal

Nothing to do with the previous transatlantic clashes on different issues , such as climate change , the detainees at Guantanamo Bay, and the war in Iraq undergo sometimes divergenzema still appianabili .
But the crisis wiretapping and other disturbing revelations by former spy Edward J. Snowden and a deeper problem : a crisis of mistrust that threatens to become a serious transatlantic rift at a more political, economic, where security cooperation between Europe and the United States is more necessary than ever .
It would have been different if the scandal had hit less friendly nations like Russia and China , but this operarizone has not only generated distrust in Americans but bring ' Europe in the arms of the powerful Putin is enjoying a great sex appeal and China .
Japan in fact is concluding a deal to coperazione under the table with Russia due to lack of trust with the United States and in optical confrontation with China.

It ' hard to remember another U.S. president who has been so' disconnected with the other heads of state friends.
To this we combine the wrong choices in foreign policy in the Middle East that has destabilized Europe and throughout the Mediterranean area and it ' clear that even if you do not say palesamente but relations with the U.S. came back with Europe at least 30 years.

Finally, how can you explain Obama '' s European Union which is of fundamental importance to concluding an agreement Transatlantic Business and Investment Partnership ?
Today, Europe is not 'more ' agree to trade agreements knowing that espionage and free market competition and ' drugged by the U.S..
The potential economic cost of a delay or a failure to achieve a closer transatlantic economic integration could amount to hundreds of billions of dollars - in addition to the incalculable damage done to the credibility of the United States in Europe.
There is much talk today about the risks of a new era of American isolationism and a lack of U.S. leadership in the world.
Notwithstanding that this scandal has brought the other two super powers cme Russia and China to strengthen even the war of electronic espionage .
So I confirm aconra Obama once an amateur into the fray , it would be better to hand over to the Republicans in the U.S. to repair relations with the whole world .

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