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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

lunedì 30 dicembre 2013


The crisis continues and strong in Italy and our policy is unlawful as he said the Constitutional Court have focused only to save their ass and recycle .For the PD and PDL , Berlusconi and D ' Alema and the powers that are the first priority was to save them and then recycle , to do this they used some willing to give his ass rather than serve the country .Napolitano , Monti, Letta, Casini and others have lent themselves to this game, in the meantime, the crisis was charged to our dear fellow citizens but not only all those Onesti or traceable in the supply chain such as public employees .Certainly not mess with tax evasion or corrupt , but so far everything is fine when you do not exceed complaining.Once you have saved your ass it is clear that we must recycle and made ​​the PD with recycled Renzi was well enough to deceive the voters of the left giving a blow to the people and a blow to the Government Letta.It will convince all people that left that ideology is dead in PD .On the other hand we have the diabolical project of Berlusconi, who is more alive than ever and who delivered the renewal to Alfano.While it is renewed by Alfano counter gets rid of some uncomfortable forzisti and disperses former Fini, who did not even realize that they have become ghosts of themselves.The project ' virtually complete missing only in 2014 the conclusion announced by Berlusconi to all the oligarchic powers that govern the country :1 ) Reduce the number of MPs to better control the system2 ) Direct election of the President of the Republic ( their friend )3) Check the country in the best way possible bipolar disorder ( except now )In this system fits Italian Grillo guarantor of certain powers Strong (USA) who actually scary at all.In fact, one of the objectives of the system and Bipolar oligarchic ' to resize the only true opponent to the system precisely Cricket Company and traveling at 40%.Europe actually navigating on the high seas on the one hand the real glue that holds it together , the Banks and the Masonic forces and on the other the hatred that has always linked the nations of the Old Continent.In this mechanism is done by inserting very well wind nationalist Marine Le Penis that eclipse all the upcoming European .In short, Europe back 40 years.2014 in Italy will be ' characterized by a prolongation of the crisis and barbarism of social life , while in Europe the wind will pull a Nationalist .I close with a brief and laconic comment on the capacity ' of the President spreader (Sicily) and the Mayor of Messina ( Messina) to part two slogans nothing.All that remains is to shrug and remember that regardless of the system that we deserve the policy says Papa Francesco has to deal with people dying of hunger and must serve the interests of the People.I will be ' committed to a project of the Catholic Center and away from the true Catholics of PD and PDL , while in Europe BLOW ' on the wind of Marine Le Pen and you can swear with my Political Marketing will be ' a success.2014 REMO  GOOD POLITICAL MARKETING EXPERT GEOPOLITICS

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