lunedì 16 dicembre 2013

The war between Russia and the U.S. with between Ukraine and Europe. The European Lobby to believe a false reality

If you believe in fairy tales then the version that newspapers give on ' Ukraine where citizens are being killed in various protests to get into Europe and ' true !
This is ' a colossal dance that lobbies European VI ARE propinano hiding the true face of reality.
There is in fact a covert agreement in place between the forces politche Use and the Opposition to force Ukraine to join the same in Europe , the primary purpose of the transaction and ' to put in the side of a stronghold Putin Western and break the line with Energy the country of the Middle Eastern area of Russia.
This condition is not ' acceptable Puntin enough to respond to the provocation of Russian troops massing on the borders of Europe.
Ukraine can not ' ever become European and U.S. policy from this suicide will end' to cause a new Chechnya , but with a difference in the risk Bomb Nuclerare close to Europe and the West.
A tip better let go 'cause Obama's Foreign policy has done nothing but trouble .

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