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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

mercoledì 29 gennaio 2014

Combating terrorism requires more effective

Cândido Van-who spoke in Luanda at the ceremony of new year greetings of Defense attachés accredited in Angola, also pointed illegal immigration, maritime piracy, plundering of natural resources and other transnational crimes such evils that must be tackled in a coordination between States. 
The minister assured that Angola will continue to actively contribute to the efforts of peacekeeping, assuming its responsibilities in the international arena, particularly in Africa, the SADC, ECCAS, CPLP, the Gulf of Guinea Commission and the International Conference of the Region Great Lakes, that recently took office. "We will spare no efforts to ensure peace, security and political stability in this sub-region of the African continent," he said. 
Cândido Van-urged defense attachés accredited to Angola in their States are faithful interpreters, with the military authorities of their countries, Angola's desire to strengthen cooperation in the field of defense and armed forces and said they expect to transmit the current politico-military, economic and social reality in Angola, recorded during the visits to different provinces and economic developments, regions and military units and noted that in lectures. Under the reform, the minister wants to rely on the collaboration of attachés to modernization, innovation and efficiency in the industry, as well as for the enhancement of traditional and institutional cooperation for the achievement of the ideals of peace, development and healthy coexistence between people. 
To Cândido Van-, cooperation policies should be narrowed and grounded in an integrated security strategy and development, with a view to stabilizing States and its permanent inclusion in the globalization process that is increasingly dynamic. 
"Hopefully, in the context of our bilateral and multilateral relations, always outweigh the principles of mutual respect, solidarity and the common desire to continue to build a better and better world for all its inhabitants," he argued. 

Thank attachés support 

The president of the Association of Military Attachés, Bruno Zamboli, thanked the support given by the Angolan State to military attaches, through the National Directorate of International Relations. This support, he said, allowed to meet with high civil and military authorities, see the country and take a broad view of the efforts of the Executive to accelerate development of Angola. 
Bruno Zamboli said that the Angolan Armed Forces are today a reference, taking into account their contribution to the stability, direct participation in national development and increasing the quality of life of populations. 
Regionally, he added, are also an example to follow its organization, operational and technical development as well as by its homogeneity, identity and quality of their leadership. "It is the unanimous opinion of all military attaches that the experiences we were extremely positive and enriching the image we have of the country and its armed forces," said Defense Attaché also of Italy.

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