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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

domenica 12 gennaio 2014

Interview policy across the board to Remo Chicks in the newspaper Le Parisien Diplomatique

What does dr. Pulcini ?I deal with so many things but especially Political Marketing unconventional and counter- information and policy .

What do you mean by unconventional Political Marketing ? 

Political Marketing on Social Networks unconventional means to apply some modern theories on how to modify the agreement , to make information and counter-information , check out the political world on Social Networks and make sure that an argument is accepted or rejected by the people to do this you need to know some theories such as Swarm Intelligence , semantic theories , Neuronal theories .

And what she has done so far with these theories in real life and in the political arena ?
Currently I have full control of Italian politics , the U.S. and French through the use of these techniques , in particular, on Facebook and Twitter. If you decide to shut down the web could certainly affect a Party in terms of communication because you are all in the lighthouse ' in the upcoming European Elections Italian . In the past I have made great successful projects in many parties except in PD . Some will remember PDLSocial Network that I wanted to avoid being shut down by holding the bag in front of amateurish attacks that do not want to talk.On the territory I can say I participated in many political projects ever in the first person and I can say with pride scoring for the first time in Italy the conference on the planet and Southern Sicilianista managing to participate Sicilianisti Movements and Movements southerners and northern that often are in contrast.

So you're in Italy and not ' ever candidate?
Actually I have never nominated for the simple reason that in Italy the system and ' armored by a Oligarchy who decides for all those who have to go to Rome and if you do not have visibility ' cricket and ' useless waste energy because' can not ' never emergence of a new movement, just think of the Pitchforks that have been torn to pieces first and then dividing infiltrandoli .If it does not change the electoral law and ' useless scramble to form political groups or to stand for election ' cause is lost and what I explain to those who so enthusiastically but with little experience asks me to help him in his project 'cause you think that will be' successful .

So she also currently controls French politics ?It is with less effort than the Italian but I definitely cognizance affecting at least 5 million subscribers on Facebook and in favor of Marine Le Pen. Today we are in a globalized world where ' possible from home sitting in front of a nice cup of coffee in politics around the world , involving millions of people impossible thing until yesterday on the territory.

What do you think of the Policy , French, Italian and European ? 

France is going through the same problems of Italy albeit with less discomfort but undoubtedly has the problem of immigration and unemployment , with the advantage that you are still in a gaming more ' democratic and less Lobby but I hear and see the wind liking that is getting in a language simple, yet effective with the National Front , Marine Le Pen.Italy and ' a democratic system of oligarchic armored bipolarity in which' was made ​​with a new facade Renzi of the Democratic Party of the Left and Center Right Alfano with the New Comedy and a cricket with its Five Star Movement but that ' not fully convince the Italians . The people and ' exhausted and pissed seeing that those who govern do not care in the least of it. Do not forget that we come from 20 years of destruction of social , moral and economic of Silvio Berlusconi.On Europe I have to say that if at first the people of Europe was content and happy on the basis of prospects made ​​by European politicians ( which has never happened because the people of Europe and ' nationalist ) actually failed because it' s been a trick for it to become a Europe of the banks , the bureaucrats , the lobby , the Prime Ministers of Finance and the service of this European Freemasonry . 

So you do not believe in Europe and appreciates the work of Marine Le Pen , however, and that ' a party of the extreme right ? She embraces what ideology ?
It 's not that I do not believe in Europe and I do not believe in this Europe of the banks , needed a Europe of peoples in the service of the people with a different monetary policy . Now I believe that to regain possession of their rights, the European People should prefer a different policy , a policy opposed to the bankruptcy of the Left and of the European People's Party .
In this perspective, I believe that Marine Le Pen has the features needed to create a European movement within each country and in the European Parliament that citizens look and is a barrier against corruption and lax emigration with a pinch of Nationalism .Some say that ' extremist and instead she is behaving moderate , and some say that ' populist but in fact speaks a simple language that the people want to hear in times of crisis . If you will make ' a European movement that starts from scratch without infiltration of overdue parties such as the Lega in Italy sbaraglierà all .
Definitely going to win ' the next European in May 2014 and its wind sweep ' in Europe all the servants of the Lobby . In Italy, for example, the Right does not exist anymore ' cause even the extremist ' swallowed up and sold off by Berlusconi and former Finian . In addition, after crowded between former fascists and former communists talk about left and right , and Italian ' a jack ass for those who do not live in Italy .
I would say the most ideologically center-right ' of the center, so important to feel at least a return to the Christian Democrats in Italy unbound and enslaved by false Catholics of the PDL and PD .
I would like to force a third center that runs' to the Christian Democrats and a Europe Nationalist assigned to Marine Le Pen and on this I push with my techniques .

Well we have concluded the ' interview and we wish you good work.Le Parisien Diplomatique go to the link :

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