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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

venerdì 3 gennaio 2014

That desire to National Right with Marine Le Pen in Europe

The European People's Party shakes, no one says it , nobody talks about it 'cause the polls and the general sentiment of the major parties Europeans and that of a serious shift to the right of the citizens to vote where the Left and ' real , representative and capable of embracing and solve the problems of European citizens disappointed by the European Parliament which ' has become a cloava of bureaucrats in suits and ties .
If we take away the Right Italian engulfed by Berlusconi and Fini dagl'ex and right as subversive Greek Golden Dawn today the European leader of the right that everyone dreams is called Marine Le Pen.
Marine Le Pen is in the survey 25 % of the vote in France and with National Right ' today is the first French party .
Marine Le Pen today represents the sentiment of the people of the fact that European and ' was disappointed by the failure of the union of peoples.
The product of the EPP and the European Left 'was Europe of the banks , the Europe of bureaucrats and Europe in recession and the failure of the European spirit of 1954.
Today, Marine Le Pen has the ability to form the first movement of European peoples expanded in every European country , and with strong solutions to the suffering of the people.
The slogan Let us unite against the Euro and ' become a winning slogan .
Just immigrants , just Islam , just banks , just recession , just bureaucrats and ' populist politics but effective.
I intend to bring to Italy and Europe Marine Le Pen and the Right that thinks and that protects the people.

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