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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

giovedì 6 febbraio 2014

'Cause a man of Catholic center invokes Marine Le Pen and the National Front ! I have been evicted as all the moderates

Many know me for some time as an expert in unconventional Political Marketing on Social Network , who knows me best knows that I have always been a man of the Catholic Center and seeing great vigor support of the French Marine Le Pen and the Front National is as domandono is possible ' .
For these people need an explanation for the detractors can say is filling his mouth with shit because in Italy we have only a brothel so I did not come to talk about ideology or loyalty Parlamneto seen that there are more ' turncoats that the faithful.
Support for Marine Le Pen and the Front National did not cost me a little because I do not like the French, as well as the British and the Germans , however, this time I not only cute but also represent the only safety for European citizens and, paradoxically, for the ' Italy .
Europe after thousands of promises advantages with which we were fed and ' washed again a failure from every point of view but , paradoxically, and in particular the failure of the principles .
Europe of today and ' a Europe of Banks and Lobby European citizens have been mugged for their own future , and something like ' occurred in any European country, but especially in Italy .
And then the guilt of those who are ' in Europe the policy that governs the service of these powers as Epp and in Italy who was never born ' cause he smashed a nation.
I, who was a man of Catholic center in Italy have been evicted from the center because moderate ' and' filled with pseudo communists and forzisti . The old Catholic guilt Catholic church that was to protect the center of world Christianity has given to these characters in Italy to carry out this coup Centrist 'cause some of the characters in the Catholic Church have come to buy as any other person .
And then all that remains is to look for an element that can upset the Italian and European scenario and this element and ' right Marine Le Pen and the Front Nationale that can' win easy and strong in France by the expiration of the wind Right true nationalist and modern European like a virus contaminating each country.
I want to give some advice to Marine Le Pen has to form a European party her , it seems difficult but you can 'do and do not try to involve existing parties as he attempted to do in Italy , stews and now that they have nothing to say to the right such as the League.
This consideration arises from the fact that in Italy Grillo in serious danger of being deleggittimato by the two traitors PD and PDL and therefore would need a serious wind right with your back straight and not as soft as my Catholic Center sold out and fed to the worst of the worst .
Quini strength Marine Le Pen, National Front win power and keep your promises but with no allerati form new and experienced former and in every country your message and believe it can do that.

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