mercoledì 19 febbraio 2014

The case Ukraine will explain why ' Putin is right

In Ukraine there is a clear sign of what is happening , and as a serial crime that has specific characteristics .
This hand and ' the same that armed revolutions in the Mediterranean.
The signature on the case in question and Ukraine ' on behalf of the United States and Germany.
Putin and Russia are in the crosshairs of the U.S. and Obama and ' obvious to anyone involved in Geopolitics .
There are many reasons to support from Syria, which has blocked U.S. plans , interest -Russia Energy in the Euro zone .
They tried to embarrass Putin with the attacks before the Games in Sochi funded by Saudi Arabia and now are putting a knife in the side of Russia, Ukraine nation of potential and substantial population .
The riots were born with the excuse to enter Europe , in reality were as sleeper cells activated in Turkey and supported by the U.S. Services Germans .
It ' clear that this and then ' being touted as abolition in Europe , and when it ' a real coup against Ukraine.
Putin is right .

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