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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

giovedì 20 febbraio 2014

The Program of Democratic coup Lobby Italian travels fast towards the end with Renzi

Now there are many who believe that the Democracy of the Vote in Italy has been suspended for a long time , but unfortunately ' the Italians are genetically predisposed to the illusion of a single man who will solve the problems rather than focusing on a collective work as great nations France , England and Germany .
Mussolini , Craxi, Berlusconi, Monti and Renzi are some of the names of a thousand hopes.
In reality, the plan for a long time the Lobby have put in place is now reaching the final stage successfully , after that remains is to sit quietly and watch the havoc if ever there are still spaces for those that do will Lobby .
Since the fall of the Berlusconi government and ' thought of designing a recycling of bipolar disorder before doing shit to take the waiter Mountains and Company, then Letta until you get to Renzi.
Renzi a less than mediocre person who enjoys the support of the Lobby 'cause they put in that place to carry out the last part of the Italian plan .
Poor Italians who hope still work for you and your children in a decrease in taxes in reality ' the last phase comprises only 3 main things that Renzi will' immediately :
1 ) Pass the Electoral Act called porcellum 2 ( even worse than the first ) with the sole purpose of strengthening the bipolar failed, do a favor to Berlusconi and succumb small parties making menial servants as Casini. No preference to elect or just humble servants themselves.
2 ) Abolish the Senate in order to reduce the power of control of the Italians.
3 ) Reform the Constitution.
These are the priorities for Friends Renzi and then give you a bit of smoke in the eye of the Italians .
In fact we will have to do this two Italian , one in which regional except for the president will be 'more ' open to Italian and another reserved for the Lobby where they will make their cocks and the Italians can not say anything.
That 's the end for an Italy that radiative waste , pollution , toxic , corruption and violence and became a privy in the open.
The guilt and ' Policy but also Italians who only know how to complain.
Not to mention the question prisons where each pardon the next day nothing is done to not fall back into stsso circle .
Let's face it this country and shit and not the fault of the honest .

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