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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

giovedì 6 febbraio 2014

Unable to understand how the Italians can accept this oligarchic coup .

There are people who should not even be born as a favor to the community ( He bought all)You can ' disagree on everything in life , the one for me and ' black other can 'be white for personal interests, or weakness, or complicity .
However, the data are in fact an objective with which to measure and where you can not take excuses , particularly when these objective data resulting damage to his person and to their children.
When the whole of a population 's behavior and ' resignation , complicity, inability to accept facts even to the detriment of his own person and his family is incomprehensible to the average person find a giusticazione and an explanation even where there is a board using the statistical small percentage that is dispersed among those who do not understand , who and ' accomplice.
Countries like France, England and Germany populations and consequently politicians who work albeit with some distortion and run the country and making progeredendo pleasant quality of life .
In Italy has always been the people and ' evil accomplice of its products , before ' cause he always waited for the man of providence that will solve the problems regardless of whether you call Mussolini , Andreotti, Berlusconi or Renzi.
The Italian people and always ready to complain and criticize but now that these discomforts are concrete does not lose the habit of falling into the trap of those who vote just reduced them to live in a country of which to be ashamed .
Once the Penta Party led by the Christian Democrats and the Socialists had ruined the country , and we were convinced that Italians had with the Second Republic and cleaned reached the bottom .
Unfortunately, the Second Republic gave birth to a monster that still holds in the country oastaggio buying everything and everyone, even the Opposzione .
A person that you would be better to say that he had never been born , a person who has sconcassato the country making everyone more ' povveri , more' insecure , more ' older and more' arrears .
Italy is now ' a apese with a Gap on the whole than even the Third World country , just put your nose out for a cruise or a pleasure trip to understand what it means to social harmony , moral and services .
Of course, this political class that also initially free from conditioning by this monster seeing the shambles and that you ' went to meet rather than' do something and ' adequate adottanto the philosophy of egoism, of the law of more' strong and cunning .
They tried to create diversions and distortions about the damage erreparabili facts, just think of all the bullshit telling us for years as the blame for the crisis ( which hit all others are brilliantly overcoming ) , such as the renewal unless , like Spendig Review as one million jobs or the reduction IMU .
Notwithstanding that serves him well , rather well there is for us Italians , however, we hope to end up worse off , perhaps the only way we could wake up in the warmth media in which we were asleep.
And ' inconceivable as political figures that Govern some parties of 2, 3, 4 legislatures causing heavy damage to Italy can be accurately rated .
Is it possible that out of 60 million people , we can not replace them?
It is possible that in a country no longer exists' the Right and the Left but they are all lovingly to the center in an accomplice connivance without doing anything to save this country, for our children , to work for the companies, for the unemployed, for the structure of the country and for the security ?
They are all concentrated indeed bought by a single person who definitely won without taking senzo of the word coup in the country have made ​​enough money under the eyes of all , to buy everything and everyone.
Have focused only on them an electoral law identical and worse than before.
A law elettorare where the new servant on duty ( I said it a long time) the design dictation of a person who giuridicamnte should stay in prison.
This and ' the country where I live, a country where there is more than ' doing the right and left turn in his grave not only as honest as Pertini ( Napolitano should clean his shoes ) but also Almirante and Berlinguer today that they turn in his grave seeing the havoc that are making .
A mess where for an idiot 'cause then we are talking about , an idiot who plays with the Lobby and Freemasonry has sold all in the name of globalization , the flexibility ' and Fuck them.
America and ' back to being protectionist and nationalist while we are now become liberal to sell off everything from the Bank of Italy with the gold of the Italian airline , from communications to switch weapons of our production.
In short, this country and ' fucking and all of us are aware without lifting a finger , a country where that is the law of the more' strong , the cunning , the corrupt and the friend of the friend .
Dear friends and enemies I come to speak of the right and left, crowded solidarity, high and low you have to understand that you should bring everything to send zero kick your ass this way and traitors of the Republic at all levels, even the most ' high by writing to natural death unworthy of being part of this beautiful country .
However, we now have a peaceful electoral law made ​​by two off every idiot that democracy by allowing people like Casini or Boldrini entering the government only if they bend in that position we all love to avoid.
Remain truly Grillini Cricket, mind you I do not like and do not like cricket that surely he also has other powers of the Directives but so have combined these infamous almost love him .
The distruggerando 'cause the power of the TV and ' still higher than that of the media and says the leading expert of Political Marketing on Social Networks infiltrated by someone who controls everything and everyone in politics.
The scenario next 'already ' decided that he never had to be born will rule ' still trying to destroy the only baluastro opposition andasre and if it hurt to take it in the ass and the Democratic Party will Renzi him and ending cm ² ' winner.
And the Italians in this context will only frame I would say as an optional all parks oxen finance.
In the next step we will have to forfeit a project period of reduced security of the citizen, instability and confusion until the next President of the Republic will be ' him or his friend.

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