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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

venerdì 7 marzo 2014

Let me explain the issue in Ukraine / Russia and its consequences among Russia / USA / Europe. Remo of the geopolitical expert World

The question arises Ukraine for two main reasons that the snub Russia Tsar Putin made the case to the U.S. 

Snowden offering him political asylum and control of the region for the energy issue and the Middle East.In fact, as far back as 2007 when Ukraine was established the Schengen area in the Nationalist and under pressure from the European Lobby and U.S. wire wanted to join Europe , but it 's also true that the area is not only' essential for Russia but it 's also a former USSR region and the influence of the same and ' inevitable.Also, when the Soviet Union disappeared independence was granted on two conditions , the respect for and protection of the Russian population in the country and the control of the Crimean port vital for Russia to gain access to the Mediterranean. 

Slightest thought that Russia may renounce the Crimea and ' criminal record ' cause for control of the asset and the port of Sevastopol Putin could also support a nuclear war . 

Losing the Crimea to Russia would be like taking the U.S. to Alaska or Hawaii, impossible.Unfortunately, Europe and ' slave of the U.S. and the U.S. despite knowing the consequences that could run through the work of strategists and short-sighted that they consider the risk to be acceptable embark on this suicide mission. 

The U.S. has several advantages :

 1 ) Vendicarse appropriate Snowden 

2 ) Cut the line Energetics and control of the area to Russia3) Cut Russia from the Mediterranean and the Middle East air species Iran , Iraq, Turkey and thus decrease the influence of the area.Europe has not seen any advantage of the fact that Ukraine has not only need a lot of money that the ECB will after having subtracted the European People who suffer because of some bureaucrats and 4 Lobby unworthy .However, what they have not calculated all who know better or be but it's worth the risk of some dead are the different consequences that you will have from now and even in times more ' distant . 

Let's analyze : 

1) Ukraine enters Europe and we pay a lot of money, every country must ' give the ECB with some financial maneuver in more ' .Calculated risk by bureaucrats but the nice thing 'that they have assessed that Ukraine and ' full of right-wing nationalists and as soon as they see that things get worse, and Europe will have a lot of ' on the Eastern side of the wind if the Nationalism of the Right poerteranno inside the house as amateurs .Other Marine Le Pen and the Front National comparing them seem pacifists. However well be the virus that will ' break the bank of Europe and ' that to which miro .

 2 ) Energy crisis severe for countries like Italy , thanks to Gazprom buy Gas and other petroleum products, and who will suffer rising prices and an energy crisis. Not to mention the fact that Russia could turn off the taps to Ukraine with its consequences.

 3 ) Retaliation against the U.S. across the species on the case of large surveys Snowden and filth that European governments have the sovereign people allowing the U.S. to put them under control. 

4 ) Activation of dormant cells Russe this time in some Middle Eastern countries with consequent instability ' policy . 

5 ) Severe reprisals on Saudi Arabia, of which there is a war plan conventional and unconventional for funding terrorism against Russia. 

6) Possibility 'of dispersion of radioactive material bellicco that Ukraine would be sold to terrorist groups with facilitators Russians. 

7) Rupture of Peace Agreements and rinizio of the Cold War. 

8) Approaching North Korea to Russia. 

Let us instead to the Legal justification of the two questions :

 1 ) Calls on Ukraine to join NATO and Europe without any real consultation and referendum of the people but only after a coup where in fact esitono interceptions between principals and esegutori not really free and independent . 

2 ) The Crimea index instead a free referendum where the population is Russian accession to the resolution because Russia ' in Russian majority .I conclude by saying that every act that happens in the world bears a signature and crime as a ' one Ukrainian and ' identical to that of Revolutions in the Mediterranean and all bear the signature of Use and the amateur of Obama. 

The only drawback was that the Russians Services unprepared and you are made to take this as a great power and ' inexcusable and some heads should fall within the new KGB .

 In short, the framework and stretch and I'm with Putin and with the truth ' :

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