mercoledì 19 marzo 2014

The Tour Skip the plot Ukrainian Westerners are going to have countermeasures Russe

The World Bank is about to jump, that strategists are U.S. or Western Europeans are amateurs and short-sighted and 'a fact of life.

Events in Ukraine and Crimea is an opportunity to change the strategic map at the expense of Vladimir Putin. That will have more money paltry offered by the United States or the European Union, but China might have good reason to believe that money well spent to pull Ukraine orbit of Russia

The Financial Crisis in Ukraine that the markets are underestimating has consequences not directly military but serious.

The countermeasures taken by Putin are already 'showing in foreign policy.

Iran is going back on the nuclear issue, Syria will have 'full support and Russian military might conflict with Israel.

The Geneva Peace Treaty 2 is going to jump and new and more 'strong relationships will be undertaken with North Korea.

The sanctions against Russia are also a double-edged sword also because 'Russia will do the same' countermeasures.

Moreover, this situation is pushing Russia psychologically to advance again in the region of the idea of ​​a great Federation.

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