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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

lunedì 24 marzo 2014

The wind of Marine Le Pen and the Front National is coming up and overwhelm 'the whole of Europe and I do I will be' a principal architect. Remo Pulcini

Who laughed about my predictions and my ability ' of Political Marketing unconventional " Swarm Intelligence" will not change his mind to say something vulgar.

For months I started to propagate Marine Le Pen and the Front National foreseeing what many perceive as usual do not know .

Of course in a world where politicians and parties more ' big change tunic and go where the wind blows and ask my sarcastic person who does marketing for a long time and that it' center-right because I support this IDEA !

However, I want to respond with extreme clarity the heart of the Italian and European and now ' was occupied by bureaucrats , foundations and Lobby and actually evicted ideals more' noble .It ' a priority for me as a person as a citizen of Italian and European to break the bank and this can' be done only with a real force and out of the plots Italian , mind you that this force is not ' far-right but a real right to problems of the people, ' that Marine Le Pen and the Front National .

Europe and Italy were in fact occupied by an oligarchy that is self supporting with a false Democracy.Every time that in a country like Italy will have to make a new government does not ask the people to vote but invoking the usual rigmarole of the situation of extreme urgency skips all the democratic values ​​of a people.This lobby European Bipolar made ​​by the Right and the Left Socialist who has effectively checkmated a people like the European one to serve you on a silver platter to the Banks must jump by inserting new democratic forces and support.

It takes restraint , but firmly, not violence as they hope these bureaucrats .

Today, Marine Le Pen and the Front National is not the far right but the most ' noble instances of a people like that made ​​by European Nations individual who had pride in their country of strength and courage to work for the common good .

Europe and the EPP and Socialists ' failure , reduced a continent that is rich and full of well-being in a total devastation that is reflected in the inability' to emerge from the tunnel of failure.You have to go back this smashing Democratic Oligarchy so , we must return to democracy and the vote must Nationalize all the banks to companies putting pressure on the U.S. and certainly not have worked if not for their own interests.

Europe of the Peoples of Europe there exists a Lobby and Bureaucrats who has now become a bandwagon .

Of course now Marine Le Pen has become a serious problem to their movement , a movement , and European and ' clear who will be' put under pressure with the bogeyman of the far right and the new allies who come knocking at the door like beggars to have the logo Marine Le Pen , for example, in Italy as you can 'talk the League and Brothers of Italy 's allies Marine Le Pen when they feasted until a few days ago at the table of the infamous who have reduced our country shit.

Be careful Marine Le Pen to external adversaries but also allies 'cause and its ' a good project that is likely to start on fragile foundations , at least in Italy .

I do not agree with the choice of Marine Le Pen in Italy but in this moment, and ' priority that the wind of the Right to invade Europe Banks bullshit and you know what these lobbyists with myopic vision have they done?

You should know that this Europe that ' bully its people and dominated by the U.S. 

The U.S. had to break the bank Russo, to counter the bad mistake to make him jump and Snowden have activated the cells of the extreme right , and the end result ' was that Russia has re-launched its biggest pride of the Federation ( never wake bear sleeping ) go back to doing even the Geneva 2e against Europe and ' put on the left side this is a real violent far-right group and a bundle of money to shell out to support Ukraine.

Here is this' Europe of bureaucrats strong with his people and weak with the strong USA .So who still has some doubts begin to tremble 'cause my campaign in support of Marine Le Pen for the European Elections will be' total and based on my Political Marketing " Swarm Intelligence" .Who thinks it is a little quiet .

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