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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

giovedì 27 marzo 2014

Vote Marine Le Pen and the Front National to save Europe Global entropy is a duty of every European citizen. The French have in their hands the destinies of Europe, I have to remind the French Revolution

A good family program when the future of their children and their own analyzes several aspects , in particular the economic and moral , on the basis of real data verification as it has in cash and analyzes the behavior of the whole family make the right corrections.Europe and ' one big family. 

The Euro 'was a financial investment of this great family to have a better future and instead the real facts and domuntali speak a different language , and the results at 12 years is disastrous from all points of view , a total fallimneto .What was supposed to be development , wealth and prosperity ' and' one of the most noted ' the great failures of the World story. 

A prosperous continent such as Europe brought to its knees by the economic point of view , but even more ' important from the point of view of Social Democracy .What was supposed to be the Europe of the peoples and the wealth and ' become the Europe of bureaucrats in the service of a supranational power of banks and lobby .Today we know that the global media are owned by a handful of businessmen close to the power that continually celebrate the system , the elite , the global entropy among other things subservient to the U.S. financial powers .There is nothing but money . 

 The world is a cipher. Capitalism has cut off the nations , religions , cultures , political parties , races , past, present, future , and so on .The earth is just a global shopping center tapped by the NSA in the service of this power.After 12 years, the European People has a worse economic situation of the past , he has lost the power of self-determination of economic and social policy that is enforced by bureaucrats Euopei nested in some parties to serve the interests of the few .The European People 's Democracy has lost the vote and decisions which have been delegated to the National ECB and these powers .Like a good family man who makes an investment that bankruptcy does not stay out of this commitment to salvage. 

Those who invest in the stock market knows that when a stock investment goes bad and ' recommended a certain threshold of loss to get out in time ,' cause mediate or wait for better times often result in the loss of the entire capital .If the citizen wants a European future for his family and for his children is to regain control of decisions and go out to the more ' taken from this deadly trap.To do this we must use the Democracy of the Vote , upsetting the tables of this short-sighted oligarchy that robbed us of the self-determination of the choices for Global Entropy of the interests of the few . 

The attacker died in Euro today more sense ' of the word, ie' these oligarchical forces trying to bring you down politically and through the use of the dossier compiled by the global espionage .Not everyone can break these gears if they are not well organized and do not speak to the heart of Peoples.The only one who can ' do it and ' Marine Le Pen and his Front National in France and that is all the rage that begins to have many fans in the various European countries.The oligarchs are afraid and they are also trying to demolish her ​​politcamente making false information and marchiandola of Nationalism Fascist Extreme Right when instead of just listening to a speech on You Tube to understand that speaks with the voice of the people and for the people , and that the real extremists are the European bureaucrats in the service of God Money. 

The true father of the family in these European 23 to 24 May has a great chance perhaps the only time , after which he will be ' totalemnte and slave in the hands of these powers .Vote Marine Le Pen in France and ' at its heart ' cause this vote is a strong signal Mandarà .The French have a great responsibility ' and that ' to this Europe must decide whether to live or change. 

Vote for Marine Le Pen , the French and ' an act of great Democracy , the great French Revolution of France today has the chance' as in 1700 to restore the power to the peoples of the nations and to restore democracy at all.If May the Front National and Marine Le Pen win the signal will be ' clear and dry , just Oligarchs want to restate the people through the Democracy of the Vote the economic and social policies , and then the wind antieuro overwhelm ' everything and everyone. 

Vote Marine Le Pen and the Front National and ' priority to save our future and I will do ' everything from the point of view of Political Marketing unconventional to arrive at that conclusion.Caution , however, ' Marine Le Pen who all try to climb into the bandwagon even those who were the architects of the European disaster endangering a beautiful plan of salvationChicks maximum Remo Expert Marketing politician " Swarm Intelligence"

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