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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

sabato 26 aprile 2014

Putin is going to fuck Obama and Europe will pay the bill of amateur strategists

Obama during the two legislatures have always lost against Putin, from all points of view .For media side , for political and military strategy .

Also this time the Putin that I admire Obama is going to fuck with blood .

Obama has lost the image in the past on several events not least where Syrian Putin has prevented the U.S. and Israel to blow Assad by the figure of the great international mediator .

Now the big strategic U.S. has destabilized the area of Eastern Europe , namely Ukraine and surrounding areas.

The action of the United States has two foundations of a return to the bad mistake Snowden where once again Obama has lost face against Putin and against the people of Democracies that has' discovered controlled from the ally Friend .

And the question that Energy is fundamental to Europe and beyond.

The strategic calculation but this was in fact Obama and the U.S. will face a very different reality from Russia after the Berlin Wall.

Russia and ' Economic power today , Energy , Military and Politics ' cause if one side has to pass by the Obama administration to decide POWERS OF SELLING , Putin and ' Power and Forte and ' able to decide fast in times of war .

Putin's Russia and ' fast , smart and decisive in order to be worried by OBAMA and the U.S. who have the problem of the current revolutions in the Mediterranean, the eastern front with North Korea, China and Japan.

The U.S. now after the post Bin Laden and terrorism ' less powerful and less secure than before because ' cold war has many fronts open and how Hitler taught there is no military and economic power that can address all of these fronts without imploding .

In this situation the question Add to this the U.S. Economy today find themselves controlled by a Chinese and Russian economic that has swept the American financial world .

I think the best solution is to avoid the agreement to lose face to Obama and the U.S. and Russia , allowing the control of their territories after the Soviet Union.

Seve force Peaceshipping Russian and Europe Ucraiono dividing the country in two.

On the contrary, we Europeans will have a boatload of problems most ' of the United States .

We will next winter energy problems especially Italy who would do better with Eni to think of a species diversification after losing the fault of the French energy control of Libya.

But you know we the politicians and the powerful groups think of the gardens of our house and not to the world's grasslands , mentally too small .

Europe also will have to ' pay a lot of money to support Ukraine and this boat will pay you money as it says Alfano was not the rich but the mass of poor Europeans.

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