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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

sabato 26 aprile 2014

The Italian Treasury does not make the negative experience of the past. As many as 8 out of 10 households are in trouble and while you hit the Democracy abolishing the Senate, Attention! Berlusconi Renzi and close friends.

Renzi the Savior as it was in the past, Berlusconi !

Renzi friend of Berlusconi as well as ' son of this system.

Renzi and Berlusconi friends and distant through the theater of false quarrels media .

Renzi, who like Berlusconi with a pair of Slogan outwits those dupes of the Italians.

Remember the best Berlusconi with a million jobs , remember the Eagle , remember reimbursement IMU and most people ' has more' and so forth.

Now we have a new Savior of Italy Renzi what sells the blue car ( a gimmick of little value ) , that increasing salaries, what keeps the secret of state, making her the one who will save Italy out of the crisis .The problem ' which promptly falls for the Italian and relies only man who will solve all the problems but then after many years to understand that even this hope and ' false and then waits for the next savior.

The question and Italian ' in truth' very grave and serious , especially when it comes to reforms that weaken the already ' Virtual Democracy.

Democracies that Western countries are now evolving into oligarchies and self-referenced ' an obvious fact so much so that even some universities in the U.S. have criticized this political transition .In Italy the question 'more' delicate consideration of several factors:

1 ) Oligarchy and ' formed by groups of small power compared to the rest of the world and often led to criminal or corrupt

2 ) The political power through which the sovereign people should exercise and Democracy ' virtual account of Electoral Laws filth where there is no preference and the possibility' to choose who governs us .

3 ) From the Legislature three people do not choose the Italian Government and the Premier ( and if this ' Democracy ! ) By virtue' of an emergency that it's not clear which ' since the only thing that matters is' the People sovereign even if you decide to commit mass suicide .

Now the question and ' very delicate and regardless of the people who often do not understand constitutional issues and why' busy through the day ( now it survives ) 'cause Renzi actually agree with Berlusconi (with the performances by theater actors navigated ) is implementing point by point the program reforms that Berlusconi in recent years has more 'times tried to implement without ever succeeding .

I wonder , however, ' the people of the Constitutionalists Professors , Experts and Journalists although often in collusion with these powers do not speak on the issue.

I appeal to those who are free of heart and mind stating Attention !

'Cause abolish the Senate in a democracy such as the OUR that comes from a Fascist Dictatorship , which comes from the massacres of State and Terrorism, which is decided by the legislatures of three Napolitano and the powers that be and that is ruled by means opening the crap Read door to a Democracy Viruale Oligarchic .

Attention someday we regret these foolish choices and and maybe we'll regret our children .

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