lunedì 28 aprile 2014


Putin and ' man who surrenders or gets scare from the U.S., and ' a man of power, and unscrupulous decided that his side quick decisions including military and the wit not to fall into the trap of antipathy media .For the U.S. , but in particular for Europe would be better to make a joint peacekeeping force of Russian troops and NATO Peaceshipping in order to keep under control and empower Putin, a different choice would mean that Ukraine's pro-Russian East to release an action would be needed to war of Ukrainian troops that would give the passport to Putin to intervene and its troops annex the Russian speakers .

Also discover the NATO strategy Putin and his generals are working to annex all those buffer zones between the West and Russia in order to protect the great motherland Russia.

Add to this internationally Putin enjoys a large consensus that what the media did not Obama.

Last but not least the support for Cuba classic , and forewarned of many leaders to start by Marine Le Pen, the French to move to the Scottish Premier Salmond .

Warning that Europe could inpantanare in a long cold winter as did Hitler in Stalingrad.

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