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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

giovedì 1 maggio 2014


The fulcrum of the world scenarios are attualmte three all pass by U.S. foreign policy .
1) China , Japan
2 ) the Middle East , Israel
3 ) Russia , Europe
these scenarios are the most ' important then there are hundreds of other situations but of local interest .
Currently the most ' important' between Russia and the U.S., followed by China and the USA.
The center of Europe under the Russian sphere and ' the main ' cause you play a game world for the control and the primacy of Energy Use , followed by the scenario that China in recent days has passed the U.S. economy becoming the first in the world.
Let us briefly examine the first two .
The problem of the U.S. and ' the primacy modiale on the globe and the danger of losing it and ' concrete 'cause could be done in the most' sneaky without wars or visible enemy .
The primacy could lose it 'cause the U.S. system might disintegrate under the blows of the financial control of the planet.
Russia could take control of the world's energy , particularly Europe employee while China has already taken control of the planet Statement .
In any case, the U.S. Obama trudging 'cause if one hand is used to make war or to achieve with the usual cliche ' democratic revolutions in the world do not really know how to confront the enemy that comes from the Finance and control of energy sources.
In all this Euopa we lose a lot of money and in particular Italy which represents a small penis pant in the United States.
The way to proceed in this case and the U.S. ' simple , to create disorder in the Russian interest in this case Ukraine and not just making pacts with pro-Nazi and create tensions between China and Japan, in any case, this approach forces countries under pressure to waste energy not only in economic and military spending.
Personally I am not convinced that this foreign policy will lead ' practical results .
China will overtake the United States as early as 2014 and will become the world's largest economy . This was stated by a study of the International Comparison Program of the World Bank which will be released today . The Member States would lose its position as a global economic leader by holding since 1872.
Italy face attention is likely to have a bad winter rationed and lose the South Stream program , I want to remind you that the Italkia 'already got fooled by France in the case of Libya , giving also the basis for the operations now face the error again to satisfy the U.S. without guarantees.
The South Stream project ( in Italian : meridional flow ) is a project aimed at the construction of a new gas pipeline that will connect Russia and the European Union directly , eliminating any non-EU country transit . It is a project jointly developed by Eni , Gazprom , EDF and Wintershall .
The former Italian Prime Minister , Romano Prodi , has repeatedly rejected the offer received by Miller became president of the company South Stream AG , on the basis of what had happened to the Nord Stream with the former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder

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