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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

venerdì 23 maggio 2014


The U.S. foreign policy always includes errors that invariably pay more allies ' weaknesses.The question of Ukraine was clear enough , the area of influence was Russian and this was to remain but the disastrous foreign policy of Obama after the false revolutions Middle Easterners who have made ​​the issue a wound on the side of European immigration and in particular in Italy this case results in a great failure .In practice, Europe will pay ' accounts of chaos Ukrainian will have' a long period of bitter cold and Italy in particular it will be ' suffering .

Do not expect and take action today means to be politically inconsistent and we know that we are.Russia in anticipation of closing the tap of gas to Ukraine and then to half of Europe is after so many years the agreement with China, an alternative to keep the flow of the revenue budget constant even without the sale of the Ukrainian gas .

After more than a decade found the agreement between Russia's Gazprom and China's CNPC : start from 2018. Between Moscow four years will have a major alternative to the EU market .This is the " biggest contract in the history of the gas industry in the Russian and Soviet history ."

In fact, not have ' consequences from any sansioni , the U.S. will deliver to Russia a strategic alleto making this agreement a great deal of energy political, economic and even military later .

In short, a disaster of foreign strategy with consequences in the next European winter all on his shoulders .The methane will be brought in northeastern China through the pipeline "The strength of Siberia" , under construction since 2007 : 4000 km of pipes to a volume of up to 61 billion cubic meters of gas per year , extracted from two fields of Western Siberia ( different from those used for Europe) and taken up in Vladivostok . These reserves to 3000 billion cubic meters, which can guarantee for 50 years, the Russian domestic market and the foreign market.

China and Russia have signed a long-awaited gas deal in Shanghai, valued at more than $ 400 billionLet's be very clear the U.S. can not provide any alternative to Russian gas to Europe if not against costs almost double .

Prepared to a winter Ice and huge expenses for Europe.

Do not think about the shit that you say Bureaucrats European alternative energy 'cause bibblici require time , be prepared for a long winter Ice Age.

The agreement on gas will produce immediately the consequences of foreign policy as the resulting agreement on the Russian and Chinese veto on Syria .

Russian military exercises Chinese words Obama should have counselors strategy and foreign policy too mentally closed on short and long-term .

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