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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

giovedì 5 giugno 2014

The failure of Europe and the euro in a long list. You have to dismantle everything if we want to save Europe from the brink. # NuovaDestraItaliana Remo

We start from the failure of multiculturalism and the utopia of a Europe of Peoples.

" Multiculturalism has utterly failed "

All European leaders have raised doubts about the European immigration policy but then take a few steps back when they were driven by racism or extreme right with the result that if every nation had to fend for itself in no particular order and with no unique synergy .

Journalists in Europe , they have done everything in their power over the past decade to hide the lack of integration of the "new immigrants" from Islamic countries , soaring crime rates , violence , oppression of women and acts of rapes in immigration centers in the cities of the continent are waking up in a Europe Buia .

"Europe is going back several decades," and " The continent is returning to the dark ages ."

A mess that more and more Europeans can no longer bear , realizing that when the sword of Islam hangs over the ancient cultural identity and demographic of their continent .

Europe was supposed to be a super power like the U.S. and the World ' in fact its ATM .

The U.S. program the Revolutions of the Mediterranean and its consequences for the European People charged .

The U.S. foreign policy mistakes in Ukraine and Europe of Peoples will pay ' a large amount of money to settle the debts of the country.

The U.S. order to increase military spending 'cause you realize you've made a mistake in Ukraine and Europe sobbilare his people and the bureaucrats we have to pay new taxes.

Here is this Europe and ' surrogate Utopia of a Europe of Peoples.

The amount of money that each country in the European crisis has had and continues to shell out shell out to prop up this bandwagon of bureaucrats to serve the Lobby Power of Banking and Finance , to pay the debts of the banks speculative, the logistics of the European system , and a host other expenses would live off the interest every single European country .

The single currency that was to bring so much wealth and prosperity to the European People and ' Bluff detected a resounding today are much worse than with coins National and I believe that Greece will be' the first to return to the national currency the drachma then follow the other .

If all come out or at least countries like France, England ( which never came ), Greece, Italy you can 'do .

He would return to Europe Unit of the Peoples of Europe by eliminating Bureaucrats subservient to the Financial Lobby that have eliminated the Sovereign democracy of the people , making depose governments and the strength of the popular vote .

Europe and Euro antecedent ' to refer to that , the Euro and Europe ' was a coup of the Lobby to finance Banks and Financial Companies with our money .

Europe and 'now German and will be' more and more ' after the Russian threat , a nation that immediately after the war is lost and ' engulfed the debt rubbing their nations Vincenti .

Europe of Nations too different where on the one hand we have the Germany whose GDP grew by 3 points in five years and in Italy if they lose 7 points.

I still remember the talk of the Euro against Tacher ( statesman ) and that of our Prodi ( mediocre) that he was thrilled .

The horrors comessi by these bureaucrats are too obvious both from the technical point of view that in consapevolzza of the European People wanting to fuck .

They have to go home so as to go home Renzi and Berlusconi.

You will see very soon the usual suspects and new taxes on energy crisis next year with Russia.

Europe 'cause it does not say that if the U.S. wants a pro Use the same policy to those who pay energy imports from Russia or Libya ( rebel-held ) .

Italy, the country where everything 'was sold out we are no longer ' Masters in our house and the story will be ' tesmine crimes carried out against the Republic from this political class .


1 ) Europe can not ' accept all the poor of the World

2 ) Europe and ' an ATM of Use

3 ) Failure of the single currency Euro

4) Europe and the ' German

5 ) Europe and ' Bureaucrats and an ATM of Financial Lobby

6) Everything is' worse

7) Avevavo promised welfare and poverty have produced , by their own means and deceit .

8) New taxes and continuous lies on the end of the crisis created by them .

9) Italy has paid the debts of Greece and Spain and the banks and and ' save due alone .

What to do :

8) If things are not going good padere family changes its choices.

9) No crash if you exit from the Euro

10) Bringing Marine Le Pen, Nigel Farage, Victor Orban , and others are creating a European force that disintegrate ' EPP and PES .

11) and Italian New Right ' my project Markeing Political expert who has long pushed to break the bank successfully .

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