giovedì 17 luglio 2014

Germany conquers Paris and France, Italy ally in a state of slavery 'and Britain saves. Europe 1939 and 'equal to that of 2014

L 'Europe 1939' equal to that of 2014, the history and the past were not a warning for the future.

In 1939, Germany's ally with Italian slave before they were ready to conquer Europe and then the world with weapons and the Fascist dictatorship.

In 2014 Germany was able to conquer Europe without firing a shot, but with the strength of Finance, today Europe 'German managed to conquer France and Italy his faithful ally in a state of slavery'.

In all this are Britain and the British are pulled out like dominoes in 1939 by German and in a few years with the U.S. will have to try to save Europe from Germany.

The dictatorship also not 'more' but Fascist Democratic imposed by bureaucrats and servants of the Lobby.

W Europe Germany.

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