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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

martedì 29 luglio 2014

The U.S. foreign policy a failure of Obama. U.S. must look for a new Republican leader. Israel deaf to the U.S.

The second term of Obama is detecting a failure in terms of foreign policy, geopolitical strategy.

In the first term, Obama has set a foreign policy based on the concept that revolutions 2.0. could be exported with ease 'in each country and so' we saw the fall of one country after another in the so-called revolutions in the Mediterranean.

Tunisia, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Egypt seemed an easy exercise esprotazioni democratic revolutions.

The scenario, however, that the United States found themselves in terms of global influence and 'very different from those required at the table by bureaucrats and pseudoesperti.

Making revolutions and insert a wire democratic government fattocio Use and thread seemed an exercise in geopolitical very easy if it were not that in reality things can change quickly and get out of hand.

Today, all those nations who were the rulers of the Mediterranean undemocratic but still strong and able to control terrorism and Islamic pressures, there are no more 'first of all Gaddafi.

The result of this disastrous choice of geopolitics Obama and 'being a continent of emigration that invades Europe unable to accept this horde of poveraggi and unable to raise its voice with the United States.

Libya burns with its oil and Italy has lost a staunch ally, now I would say to the brave French 'cause do not go on the ground to separate the factions (Italian idiots we have also granted the basics), and the rest is not better.

Not to mention Syria where Obama would first try to blow Assad and then when he realizes that could weaken the entire area falling into the hands of pro-Iranian stops for groped to leave the area in a sort of limbo.

In this limbo is part of the pilgrimage but not impossible idea of ​​a great Islamic state as anti Christian Siriano ISS of the Caliphate in which the U.S. must deal with.

All this also leads to a conflict between Israel and its powerful U.S. lobby, so that the open war with Hamas and 'the future of the ISS prior to the invasion to just Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu said Bibi does make a lean figure to the U.S. and Obama is not responding to appeals for peace.

In practice, the faithful U.S. ally gives a fuck Obama and goes on his way and you will also pay the consequences in the next election where the powerful U.S. Jewish lobby will bring 'votes to the Republicans.

In all this chaos geopolitical then insert the tension between China-Japan-North Korea
and the rising tension Russia - USA.

In short, compared to the situation that Bush left Obama geopolitics U.S. is worse much worse.

All that remains is to wait for the next presidential and hope that a Republican big capacity 'can bring a bit of peace in the world looking for a different view of the geopolitical U.S. since Obama thought after the fall of the Berlin Wall to be the only tuttore World without realizing that the world today is controlled with the Chinese finance and with the rising power of Putin.

Let me be clear I am not against U.S. policy but are against the choices of Obama compared to the first term is getting worse.

You have to talk and prepare all to a single block against Islamic hate towards the West that has always enslaved.

The U.S. must rimpostare their foreign policy and should allow Europe to make its' cause too weak and fragmented, otherwise you will find yourself in the midst of at least 5 areas that are very hot to handle alone

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