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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

sabato 12 luglio 2014

We explain the question Hamas - Israel. Combat the threat of Islamic Caliphate

The so-called "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" styled "Caliph", in a statement released via the internet audio, its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi new and menacing figure after bin Laden. 

The Islamic Caliphate has well-marked boundaries east of Aleppo in Syria to Iraq in Diyala province northeast of Baghdad. An area with a geographical continuity, even if in the process of consolidation, with 100 thousand and 170 thousand square kilometers in Syria in Iraq. 

So almost half of the total area of Syria and over 40 per cent of that in Iraq. Objective off all non-Sunni order to maintain 'purity' of their territory, the Islamic state has now put in place a systematic operation of 'cleaning' on the basis of identity hunting down potential opponents and non-Sunni (Shia, Kurds and Christians). Severed heads go go '. 

The jihadists, they can rely on resources unimaginable until now: are cashing large sums proceeds from the sales of crude oil deposits taken in Syria; from the ravages of antiquities in Iraq and Syria. Finally, we are impossesati of considerable sums of cash found in the branches of the central bank in the Iraqi city taken by storm as Mosul and Tikrit. 

"Islamic organizations, many of which are linked to armed groups, can draw from a pool of money that goes from 5 to 16 billion U.S. dollars; only the Saudi government gives every year 10 billion through the Ministry of Religious Works "in reality 'this form of financing that allowed the U.S. to keep an eye on these factions is not' more 'almost necessary. Al Baghdadi has a clear strategy.

 Unleash hell in Gaza is the diversion that will allow him to enter Jordan. While Israel fights or invades the Gaza Strip, he can safely go towards Amman to realize the dream of the Caliphate, a project far from absurd. 

In addition, Hamas is receiving supplies of men, arms and money to keep busy for a long time Israel and destabilize relations between the U.S. and the same Isralele

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