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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

venerdì 29 agosto 2014


EU Russia Vladimir Putin Ukraine Syria Israel United States Barack Obama Gaza UN Iraq sanctions Europe humanitarian aid economy violence military operation Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) military conflict Islamic State.

We analyze the Geopolitics of the world by the picture of the situation without going into details' cause that might distract us from analyzes on a simple picture.

It 's not the case for experts in the field indicate that the factors are many and often unclear.

What emerges and 'that the world today and moving toward a stage worse than before' September 11.

The United States should be the guarantors and the controllers of the world have in fact worsened the situation so that it could ritorcergli against.

Obama, who in their own country has been successful indisputable as the reform of the Sanita 'and and' managed to leave the country for a period of economic crisis and in fact 'was a lousy President in foreign policy.

It is clear that he and 'the President and then fall upon him the sins of a foreign policy often too confusing but it' s also true that part of the blame would be the Republicans 'cause those involved to intervene in the world on behalf of the United States and' Republican Senator McCain and that in fact 'a hero, a capable military, but perhaps not too much in foreign policy.

From expert on foreign policy, however, inclined to a next Republican President before Democrat and I like Marco Rubio.

We come to the Geopolitical Areas:

Russia / Ukraine

Putin's Russia and 'still a major world power, and certainly not' be wise to destabilize the area of ​​the Caucasus and Ukraine in particular, any strategy had been set for energy interests or military.

The result of this policy and strategy 'was to remove Russia from the United States and Europe that will pay in terms of causing problems Energizers bring much to China.

Also the famous program was a provocation as the invasion by Russia Saudi Arabia 'cause was funding Islamist insurgents in the Caucasus will not be' implemented but certainly not Putin's gonna 'look destabilizing Saudi Arabia perhaps with an eye approval of Israel.

ISIS / Middle East

Here the situation 'very messy and the USA who have designed the Revolutions of the Mediterranean sicuramnte had a plan like the one that provides for the division of the Middle East including Syria and Iraq in areee ethnic rather than nations.

However, I do not know anyone who has had this brilliant idea but it seems to me that the donut is failing well.

Meanwhile, 'cause these developments are creating millions of deaths but also because' Israel does not see anything good that on one side there is an Islamic state (regardless of who and 'advocate) and a Saudi who sympathizes with Egypt to serve even if Use the cause. So not 'easy being with two feet in one shoe.

Hamas and the war with Israel in fact has not concluded a war but a battle 'cause in fact and made ​​peace' was regarded by the people as a success of Hamas is getting stronger thanks to money and weapons that come from the Syrian .

Of course apart from Italy and that 'a subspecies of an independent nation, France and Great Britain their economic interests they protect the Oil and Rare Earths out easily even with ISIS thanks to an approval of Turkey and even China does business by selling weapons.

In short, a diverse nation that becomes a kind of exercise for mercenaries, criminals and the worst thing exists in the world.

China / Japan

China difficulty in seeing 'the United States committed on more' fronts and with a huge military spending enjoys the great work done in the rear advancing the interests and pressures in the China Sea, and in particular with the question of the disputed islands to Japan and Taiwan.


Forte also made ​​strong alliance with Russia, which is followed by a military and economic agreement for the supply of oil for technology.

In all this, Europe is in no particular order, and only France and Britain can be regarded as countries with strong foreign policy, Italy and 'a kind of servitude'.

North Korea for the moment stabilized the situation in view of the large commitments Use

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