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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

venerdì 29 agosto 2014


Let's start from the last article in the Economist on Italy and Renzi considered a sort of boy Ridiculous and where Italian and 'behind the Merkell and Holland.

Or do we remember the laughter made ​​by Sarcosy and Mekell on Berlusconi to the press conference.

Unfortunately with serious regret I have to admit to the truth 'of the facts that they are right (as I rode).

We are a country that has lost face in Foreign Policy, every single day, from case to case Battista Maro ', a country should withdraw its troops' cause not defend their children and why' should be paying duty to the United States that impose masters the Muos to Sicily and the massacre of Cermiss.

Should withdraw its troops because France to which we gave the bases have destroyed a country former Italian colony of interests such as Libya.

In short, with this political class of low level we can not expect to beat the world as a kind of True Country.

We are worse than Gaddafi's Libya and Saddam 'cause slaves of foreign countries who in the name of Globalization and thanks to economists from the Third World, we sold all of our marketable strategic Companies by Communications, Energy becoming a country Spied by all employee by all.

We svendudo Italy as a nation that our ancestors had built with hard work and on the skin of the Southern (they were fine with the Bank of the Bourbons), but that after all the blood had found its units'.

To understand the structural Gap, social, ethical infrastructure that now exists between us and any other country in Europe do not have to do anything special just starting a weekend around Europe and to understand how we believe to be a normal country, but in fact we are not.

We have destroyed a world's artistic heritage and with commissions and sottocommisioni brucrazia to understand that chasm exists between the Louvre Museum, the castles of the Loire and Rome.

Just go to Rome and Pompeii to see the degradation of our national past.

A Nation that trumpets the past has no future.

Italy and 'a country where they remain solamentei cunning, the wolves will eat those poor souls who have no future.

Just go to London or Madrid to understand what it means for our son Meritocracy instead of cringing and begging their parents.

Crumbling infrastructure complete the work, in Turkey and in the world we build bridges in extreme conditions while only we have been able in 40 years to spend 500 million euro to say no to the Strait of Messina Bridge.

We had a wonderful agriculture and opportunity 'to earn with waste and we were able to poison the Campania even though we live our children.

I could go on for hours but it would not help because 'this is a country long dead, where every so often a self-defeating and Oligarchy elects a mediocre amateur Renzi, to retain power undemocratically.

Not realizing that while in Italy these powers may govern and enslave a people who deserve it in Europe you do not do, and each time have to make you understand how it was with bad manners' with Berlusconi through another mediocre and now Draghi on Renzi.

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