giovedì 28 agosto 2014

Resounding seems that some European country (Spain) plays against Italy. Widespread in the Middle East fliers that invite you to go to Italy (Alfano who does?)

It seems that the European Union is now a Joke, you just need to pay the other a bunch of Bureaucrats National Parliaments of that bandwagon and that 'the European Parliament all with our money.

The Union and 'failed both in terms of that Statement of Peoples.

Now it seems to be what emerges from the Social Network serious sources that some European country, not only is helping the Italian Front Invasion Migrant but even by the secret service and dirty games against Italy.

An Italian engineer has reported from Libya, a number of Flyers invite you to migrate to Italy, from Social analysis there is a real possibility 'that these flyers were both wanted by some leading European countries eliminated the problem of Migrants Spain would suspect the worst.

As usual with this class Italian policy if the other we are thrown to the wolves we hold the other cheek Ass.

It would be advisable to check whether it is true or not as widespread through our services.

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