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Latest Srategie Isis "Islamic Caliphate". Chemical and Nuclear bombs dirty, stabilize the gains to hit the West and destabilize China and India

IsIs is enlisting soldiers with preference in the Levant, Yemen and Iraq.

Syria more 'work with the United States has warned that the Syrian territory the United Unitit can hit IsIs only through permission of Assad worth any fight.

The greatest danger is emerging sull'IsIs and 'who are in possession of barrels of toxic and potentially radioactive material to build dirty bombs.

This danger 'very high because IsIs conquered parts of Syria in which they were held by Assad chemicals.

IsIs threat to launch toxic barrels in acune areas with the use of helicopters.

Fighters of 'IsIs have captured a large military air base in the north-east of Siriatale air base in the strategy of ISIS and' important enough to eliminate about 350 people by cutting them Testa.

IsIs would like to use this base to attack with chemical substances in their possession.

It seems that a Chemical Weapons Expert controls approximately 2,000 tons of chemical inventory for the army of Saddam unlike Al-Qaida seems that IsIs has developed its own chemical weapons that were never used but if things should go in the battlefield evil could be used.

These weapons would be under the control of ISIS in the following areas, a storage bunker in two former Iraqi army barracks in the county Muthanna, about 45 miles from Baghdad, which contains the remains of Saddam's inventory and where alpha tons of chemical weapons.

The expert explained that although no more 'activated substances can still be used.

Furthermore, there is a remote but possible risk of use of dirty bombs radiattive in the West because 'some elements of ISIS have stolen in the past weeks radioactive isotopes in Mosul University.

These areas have become an expression fields of experience of all types of weapons, all kinds of militias and for all martial arts, the home of crime and destruction.

IsIs brought under the control of a stretch of territory from the northern border of Syria with Turkey to the outskirts of Baghdad in central Iraq by implementing a top-level media campaign on Social Networks and infiltrating terrorists in the West of Western birth.

In practice, an evolution of the terrorist program that will be 'implemented after the stabilization of the area will be' one of alluorare Western converts to Islam or rather the Caliphate in the West to be able to implement more 'readily attacks both type Chemist with a minimum risk of Terrorism nuclear dirty.

In the case of the beheading of journalist Foley's speech and 'different' cause the famous British rapper Abdul Majid Abdul Bari, known as L Jinny is a suspect in the crime of beheading us journalist was already 'known' cause in 2012 was the son of a radical preacher Egizziano and was delivered by the United States to Great Britain only to flee to Syria to join the cause of Islam.

In addition emissaries services USA have tried to do a prisoner exchange with the Caliphate but Al-Baghdadi has rejected all bids submitted by brokers for the exchange of prisoners between the two parties.

Investigators believe that Bary's father, was a close aide to the leader of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in childhood creator of the London cell of the terror network and accused of bombing the American embassies in eight wetsait in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam .

Currently suspects for murder of Foley are 3 West:

1) Abu Hussein, a British pirate Internet (hackers) from Birmingham.
2) Abu Abdullah of Portsmouth.

3) The third is a rapper who was British intelligence of being the perpetrators of the crime.

Returning to the priority recruitment strategy 'seems to be the stabilization of territorial conquests but at the same time IsIs is looking into its glossy media strategy to the millions of Muslims who are in the East, specifically in China and India and it seems that there are contacts acts to destabilize these areas proselytizing.

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