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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

lunedì 13 ottobre 2014

Economic Development of Italy and Europe passes from China and the United States and the European model 'exceeded Remo

The Verdict and 'simple, dry and supported by proof of the facts, the European Model proposed by Draghi and economists Europeans and Americans and' outdated, obsolete and bankruptcy.

Today, the Nobel Prize of Economy through the University Professors and West Bankers are propinano a system that Western Economic Killed the sovereign people, creating a wasteland of economic development devastated by the suffering and poverty 'Peoples West.

The real model of success and the best application of the system global, and Western Libertarian and 'one China.

The Chinese system and 'what ought to be applied and Italy and' what shows how Italy is a country ravaged by a finite Ruling Class unworthy and guilty of the current disaster.

The Political Class in the service of the current Lobby and Freemasonry not succeed 'to save the country launched into a long agony made ​​of Default.

The Chinese system and 'easy to apply even in Italy but in the current state and' demonstration of how Italy is light years away from such an organization.

With school and university system obsolete and no longer exists parasitic chance 'for Italy to create innovative technology companies.

A system made ​​by insecurity and the constant balancing act between crisis, default, and a host of taxes and laws have made the country a scent for foreign investors to stay away from.

To finish on a system does not meritocratic and infrastructure left behind light years compared to the World panel and 'complete.

ITALY can not 'save, Italy does not have a shred of hope that we can return to being a normal country' cause the direction taken and 'divergent with respect to the system of Chinese Development.

Not enough of Lobby Reform and abolition of article 18 of Renzi to save the country that will be 'intended to be a total failure.

Yet things to do were few and simple enough plagiarized by the Chinese and a bit of common sense.

Before any initiative serves the country with an accelerated course of 10 years in Civics and love for the nation.

The performance of China is the result of three efforts:

one hand, the increase in public funding for scientific research laboratories of universities;

the other, a policy of encouraging foreign corporations to invest to open not only factories but also research centers.
China is one of the most open economies among the emerging countries. The foreign multinationals and joint ventures between Chinese and foreign enterprises generate 30% of total manufacturing output; 60% of their product is sold on the domestic market, as proof that China is not only export-oriented and that its ability to attract multinationals is linked to the appropriateness of its domestic market.

Infrastructure development and the fight against corruption

The overtaking China on Japan and the European countries in research is the result of attention that the ruling class in Beijing dedicated to this objective:
transform the country from 'factory of the world' superpower in the technical-scientific. From nanotechnology to genomics, the government authorities have encouraged the universities of excellence to compete with the best academic institutions in the West.

  An important aspect of the impact of China's economic growth over the rest of the world is the increase of foreign investment in the People's Republic, in particular the investments made by state-owned enterprises and sovereign wealth funds that have acquired shareholdings in foreign companies.

China's foreign policy is driven by the imperative of energy, and it is with a special approach: Beijing through its oil industry to foreign deposits State grabs, 'blindandoli' with long-term supply contracts in exchange for Chinese investment in local infrastructure . Iran to Sudan, Angola and Latin America, as well as in many countries of Southeast Asia,

  Capitalism a bit 'less wild, with an inflection Social Democratic and redistributes something even the poor workers, peasants.

According to the database Internet world stats, in 2008 the Chinese who have used the Internet exceeded the number for American users. The digital Chinese population reached in June 2008 a total of 258.1 million (including Hong Kong and Macao), compared with 220.1 million in the United States.

  China is different. Not only has not hindered the advent of the Internet has encouraged.

The real base of support that the Communist leaders have in the country rests on two pillars: on the one hand economic growth, on the other nazionalismo.Classe ruling party also new and is changed although under central control on the basis of merit and of the results.

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