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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

giovedì 9 ottobre 2014

Italy and 'goner, the Italians are doomed. This political class will pay 'betrayal never in favor of the Lobby?

The painting Italian and 'disastrous for now and if we do not pay duty at the European level and' due to the fact that Draghi and Germany are aware that the Bank would jump with disastrous Consequences.

Italy would pull you into the abyss all European countries.

The Economic Framework and 'disastrous, the Gap accumulated from all points of view and' now irrecoverable and unbridgeable.

The policy and the policy framework that was in these years and raise the sovereign people 'from time perched in the palace as in the days of the French Revolution, trying to defend their trying Oligarchy of the initiatives that are compliant with the directives German, without that they can reconcile with the interests of the Italian sovereign people.

The characters are all still in a bipartisan them: Prodi to Berlusconi, Monti to Letta through the last court jester Renzi. Its vassals are all there to defend your garden without ever thinking in terms of the direction of the nation. In a normal country would have to give an account of wrongdoing and pay the duty.

The Political Class has created a Europe and a nation ravaged by poverty and suffering.

In this context fits the Italian Popopo that is judged to be too subservient and quiet compared to the misdeeds of this political class, in reality 'the Italian people has developed antibodies trying to take time off, to break away from what was done by the Palace and trying to apply in their small the same behavior of the palace.

In every man for himself can ', the Italian is trying to survive thinking to himself regardless of his fellow man.

Everyone thinks to himself and those who do not can 'do is done for.

The crisis' so obvious that in Italian rise to the surface not only antibodies, but also as inherited from genetics says that we are a people getting a little traitor and linked to the idea of man in command that can solve all problems .

The story does not teach anything to Italian, from Mussolini to Berlusconi.

In reality 'l' Italy is now 'a goner data affirm the Budget and the facts prove, from all points of view, just go in Greece and Spain, countries in crisis, to see the abyss that exists with Italy against us .

The hopes are in vain because of Renzi 'and not just' subservient to power European and Italian but the Lobby does not have a shred of a long-term program of reforms coordinated with the needs.

The Article 18 and the Job Act and 'empty, it contains no concrete, specific steps needed to create jobs and to Europe as anti-people tax cuts, streamlined bureaucracy, the reorganization of the school system and the University that points to a certain equilibrium between people that studiono and requires' the sector.

Suffice it to say agl 'Nurses who until a few years ago were missing and that in order to survive the Universita' filled to capacity, to find a contest of 2 places in Veneto with 7000 candidates.

We do not speak of infrastructure and tourism ever coordinated and left with a myriad of laws and useless bodies.

Laws that should make the country more 'proper in the world and instead' the one where you do not respect no prescription.

Italy and 'a country where the moral redemption, the sense of the nation and civic education should be included as a priority for everyone in the hope that in 10-20 years we can get to the level of France and Great Britain.

Italy and 'away from violent revolution as long as the Fathers will be able to support their children, and up to quado you succeed' to buy bread and the phone but if something were to go wrong I dare not think of the consequences.

In short, the Italian country and 'dying and Berlusconi and Renzi are the worst misfortune that a country can have, and the CoLAP' but also our eye everything could change for the worse suddenly.

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