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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

mercoledì 18 marzo 2015


Italy should not be part of Europe and it will the West and the reason 'that the country and' now permeated every level and in particular in the political system and the ruling class of a malfeasance and corruption that makes it out of control.
Italy and '70 in the world after Ghana, and last in Europe, the Italian system is so corrupt that it would be legitimate to institutionalize corruption to give equal opportunity to compete at all.
The most guilty and 'this political class that old and outdated with a shot oligarchic destroyed the country in the fundamental structures and the Constitution.
Not yet satisfied with what has been achieved and being aware that they can now make every despicable act on the skin of the Italians not risking anything here that will allow you to not resign and defuse only healthy organ of the country and that 'the JUDICIARY.
As stated by the Association of Magistrates these brazen that govern us instead make laws harsh on Corruption make fake sneaky and depotenziano the last obstacle for the complete Anarchy precisely the judiciary, trying to threaten them.
I'm with the Judiciary and not with the Corrupt.
The country is in a phase of recovery rather not become dangerous for the community 'international and in particular for Europe that is found to have a country and' 70 in the world along with Ghana for corruption and malfeasance and could infect the rest of the countries Europeans.
The only solution to defeat the malfeasance and corruption and 'to make a law with harsh sentences to prison.
Those found in the hands in the bag must have seized the goods and get straight to the nation's prisons other than resignation.
Wolves last case also appears superfluous demand the resignation since he himself had asked for the Chancellors.
It reads well and scratching bad.
A solution could only be to institutionalize the "Wad" and "Recommendation" for all to have equal opportunity 'based on the cunning and ruthlessness but they do not even want this because' the garden should be only for a few.
Regulation of doses of immorality could be a way out of the quagmire of Corruption Italian.
ITALY TODAY MUST BE DEFINED AS A "STATE OF CORRUPTION" and certainly not one "RULE OF LAW" and EXPO Milano and 'our business card.
Suffice it to say that in the last five years are the scandals Political-Financial have been as many as 250 of the most 'important are:
Scandals Municipalities and Regions, with repayments from various Vibrators Nutella, MPS, Mose (Venice), Expo (Milan) and Mafia Capital (Rome).
How much is this in terms of money to the People Italian and 'a huge figure of 60 billion Euros, you know how many maneuvers without the Italian pay one Euro could be done,
But the cost Moral and sealing of the institutions and 'incalculable.
Democracy and 'at risk and the country for those who make corruption at any level and in particular in Politics.
Other than resignation, and prison

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