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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

mercoledì 1 aprile 2015


On May will open in Milan Expo 2015.
Probably with the Italian Pavilion incomplete, since the same engineers who are working on its construction have admitted that the building is unlikely to be completed by that date
If we take into account official sources such as the Oti Northwest Report, edited by associations Assolombarda, Confindustria Genova and Industrial Union of Turin already in early 2013 described a worrying situation regarding the progress of the work necessary to complete the works designed in the context of the Expo : between construction sites in Lombardy, only the rail Saronno Seregno is finished, 11 works have registered advances while other eight remained completely still.
He is described as alarming the case of the regional highway system in 2001 Lombardy had a motorway availability equal to 65 km per million population, after 12 years, and despite the 300 kilometers of new highways planned for 2015, the situation has remained the same .
So, beyond May 31, 2015, appear still six works to complete. Beyond the Via D'Acqua South, even the Central Command and Control Via Drago.
This inability ', worst example for Italy in the world will be covered with some actions ridiculous and expensive.

Friday, March 13 was opened the tender for the operation defined in "camouflage" aimed at restoring the areas that remain unfinished. This is the last call organized by Expo spa, for "papering" areas not finished on time. The estimated cost of the pieces ("productions of scenes of camouflage") that will cover the unfinished areas is 100 euro per square meter and the total cost, and 1 million 154 thousand euro.
Conclusion been serene to use a phrase from another statesman: Renzi.
The real progress there and, teased apart, Italy will come at the date of the opening of the World Fair with more than half of unfinished construction site.
At issue there is also the prank in style all Italian.
The last month before the opening had to be devoted to checks on structures. But the site is still a construction site, and indeed it is a race against time to finish the works before May Day. Susanna Cantoni, Director of Prevention ASL Milan, explains: "Certification of those who designed, then spot-checks".
But jump testing. Serve to certify the suitability of the facilities and their correspondence to the project.
Considering the extraordinary delay in work began, however, has necessitated many changes in the race does not rest easy no.
In all this media circus fit the true motives of an Expo: "Corruption".
Expo a wrong done because 'the Italian historical moment does not allow to make beautiful figures species with this class and Policy Manager.
"I believe that to deny that there have been instances of corruption as part of the Expo is to deny the existence of the obvious. There have already been convictions". He said the head of the anti-corruption, Raffaele Cantone
Want the journalistic investigations, either arrests and scandals among the entrepreneurial class, political and criminal Lombard.
The last March 20: handcuffs for taking Antonio Giulio Rognoni, former head of Infrastructure Lombard.
Eight measures, thirty suspects. From eavesdropping emerge assignments future competitive procurement to the legal limit.
And yet the Judiciary must give its further contribution.
Besides corruption we then real estate speculation and the big mess-ups by friends of the garden, as a large urban attempt characterized by the influence political-technical and cultural of Communion and Liberation: City Life. The sketch of the project dates back to the mid-80s, and involves the construction of two large residential complexes of thirteen floors by sects and each eight buildings whose cost ranges from 7 to 12 thousand euro per square meter. The giant City Life Milan has also thought of three great skyscrapers, entrusting the project to superstars of international fame: the Japanese architect Arata Isozaki, the mittleuropeo of Jewish origin and training American Daniel Libeskind and Zaha Hadid. Everything had to be ready by 2014, today the closure of the session is postponed to 2023.
But the miracle has managed the Expo in Milan where they concentrate all the ills and vices of the country, corruption, such as the lack of vision of a ruling class, now beached on his own nullity.
The fact that the event is incomplete, mutilated, crowded with camouflage, as a kind of dreary suburbs under construction, that after the discovery of corruption in the carpet which has been stifled, it is even forced to give up any control and trust application forms for jobs and patches, is not an accident, but only the obvious conclusion of the true logic in which it was born: to create an opportunity for speculation and bribes milieu business - political dependent great works and major events such as by a drug.
The real goal was not the nutrition of the planet and certainly not the creation of a business card for Italy better, but only a new breath of stale air to power a system came into apnea for the crisis.
In all this we add the real goal of the Job Act of Renzi make all slaves doing work for free our children while they inciuciano.
Humiliation of working with ten thousand "volunteers" paid zero or interns paid with food stamps,
Conclusion Italy has lost Giai showing the true face through the facts and not the slogans of Renzi and his left democrastianizzata.
The works are completed only 18 percent. The 8 percent of the work is stopped, suspended or still under administrative check. The work in progress is 74 percent, almost three quarters of the total planned.

The cost of this failure and 'that they can do a lot of future financial and but no!
The sum total of the work (divided to 24 areas divided into 35 lots of work) has been awarded downward instead € 673,684,510.28 million euro sum including transaction costs of security, not provided for in the tender procedure, and design.
It is a savings apparent, as with the variants and the multiplication of the work in each areas in different lots, led the sum of the variations in € 34,986,612. At the end of the sums awarded, overall, you should spend more in about 100 million Euros (€ 98,963,566.52 to be exact).
The Universal Exhibition (total cost 1.3 billion)

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